Zibo City deploys hazardous chemicals safety production work

[Huicong Coatings Network] On September 23, the city's work conference on dangerous chemicals safety production was held to analyze the situation faced by the city's production of dangerous chemicals and conveyed the "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Safety Production of Dangerous Chemicals" of the General Office of the Municipal Government. , study the next step in the deployment of tasks. Municipal Party Standing Committee, Deputy Mayor Wang Dingbiao, and Deputy Mayor Liu Youxian attended the meeting.
In his speech, Wang Dingyu pointed out that departments at all levels must clearly define their responsibilities, strengthen measures, and conduct strict investigations so as to avoid any potential safety hazards and promote a fundamental improvement in the city’s security situation. It is necessary to establish a development concept of big security, correctly handle the relationship between supervision and service, start with basic work such as planning and basic education, conscientiously do a good job of planning and layout of the chemical industry, strictly implement various safety laws and regulations, and increase safety production. With regard to the implementation of the responsibility system, relevant administrative examination and approval and management functional departments should strengthen coordination and exchanges, cooperate closely, share information, and do a good job in the market entry of hazardous chemicals from the source. Wang Dingyi also put forward requirements for safety production work in other areas.
Liu Youxian put forward requirements on the work of source management, market access, security enforcement, and holiday duty for hazardous chemicals.

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