Zhoushan successfully developed the key technology of marine transmission

Recently, Zhoushan City, the power company Ocean Power Transmission Technology Research Center at the base of the pier completed submarine underwater robot (ROV) first live test the waters. As an important sub-project of the key technology research of marine transmission, this trial of ROV mainly carried out the ROV system retraction and release, surface navigation, underwater debugging, underwater observation, underwater fixed navigation, underwater positioning, And other tests, the test results basically reached the expected goal. It is learned that the next step will be based on the sea trial situation, the dynamic system of ROV, underwater positioning, submarine cable detection and other functions are optimized to achieve the practical application of submarine cable operation and maintenance goals. ROV will replace the previous divers work mode of underwater operations, breaking the bottleneck in the deep water submarine cable can not be patrolled to fill our technical gaps in the operation and maintenance of submarine cable.