Zhengzhou textile machinery new special seal ring fills the domestic gap

It was learned from the Henan Garment Industry Association that the oil-sealing seals for the JYAZL liquid ammonia finishing tank jointly developed by Zhengzhou Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. (Zhengfang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.) and Yancheng Shenfeng Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. were successful. It fills the gap in the domestic gas-liquid conversion device for soft sealing.

It is understood that the main function of this technology is to liquid ammonia treatment of twisted hemp, cheese yarn and loose fiber to improve the performance of hemp fiber. The liquid ammonia treated hemp fabric has the advantages of soft hand feeling, smoothness, small damage, abrasion resistance, no ironing, and small shrinkage.

According to the technical staff of Zhengfang Machinery, the working pressure of JYAZL liquid ammonia finishing tank is 0.2MPa, the medium in the tank is liquid ammonia, and the fabric is sorted in liquid ammonia, due to the gas-liquid conversion of liquid ammonia, the tank The pressure and temperature are constantly changing, and the penetration of ammonia is extremely strong, so the sealing between the can lid and the can is very high. After the calculation and demonstration by the technicians of Zhengfang Machinery, it was finally determined that the sealing ring was soft-sealed by the principle of gas-liquid conversion, the charging carrier was frozen oil, and the sealing structure increased the auxiliary wing fin.

It is reported that the JYAZL liquid ammonia finishing tank using the sealing ring is used for the weaving of military hemp fiber and yarn. The project was designed and manufactured by Zheng Textile Machinery and successfully put into trial in Zhejiang Huili Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. in December last year.

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