ZDC monitoring: China's sales volume of cars in August 2010

In August 2010, the Chinese sedan market finally recovered, and overall sales picked up. Sales of most car lines all increased. However, some car lines that were ranked behind still fell, due to sales among cars. Uneven growth, the market structure has also undergone no small changes.

The ZDC, an Internet consumer research center, monitored the release of China's auto sales in August 2010 by monitoring data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

ZDC monitoring: China's sales volume of cars in August 2010

ZDC monitoring: China's sales volume of cars in August 2010

Jetta continues to top the list

According to the data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Jetta continued to show a strong upward momentum this month, once again topped the list with sales of 21,400 units, becoming the highest-selling sedan series in August, with an increase of 0.14 over the previous month. 10,000 cars.

Excelle rose faster, this month ranked second with sales of 20,300 units. Sales volume increased by 0.14 million units compared to last month. Longi and its gap were smaller. The difference between the two sales was only 0.010 units, and that of Long Yi was 20,200 units. Sales performance ranked third, with sales up 0.21 million from the previous month.

Santana came in fourth place and achieved sales of 19,000 units. Its sales volume increased by 0.06 million units from last month. Yueteng and New Bora's sales volume were relatively close, ranking fifth and sixth respectively, with a total of 17,800. The sales volume of cars and 17,600 vehicles was notably smaller than that of the previous month.

Sales of F3, Cowin, QQ and Corolla were relatively low, with sales of 14,700, 14,300, 13,500 and 13,300 sales ranked seventh to tenth, respectively, with little difference between each Other.

In August 2010, the top ten sedan cars sold a total of 172,100 vehicles, an increase of 0.91 million from the previous month. The top ten sedan cars accounted for 24% of the total sales of cars, a decrease from the previous month. 1 percentage point.

ZDC believes that the Chinese car market has reversed the trend of declining sales for several consecutive months, and the overall sales volume has gradually increased, indicating that consumers’ enthusiasm for car purchase has risen again. Previously, the promotion methods of various manufacturers and distributors have also played a role, but There is also no growth in the sales volume of some vehicles. On the contrary, it continues to show a downward trend. Vehicles with sustained sales growth will occupy market advantages.

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