Yuchai's natural gas engine products landed on the European market in large numbers

With the further improvement of Yuchai's product quality, Yuchai's engines, especially natural gas engines, have received enthusiasm from European customers and landed on the European market in large numbers. Recently, the Yuchai YC6K1242-40 combined truck fire truck was assembled to complete the assembly of fire trucks in Germany. In addition, Yuchai has recently won 114 independent orders for natural gas engines in Russia.

Russia mainly consists of German, Japanese, American, and Korean cars. The four major divisions split Russia’s automobile market. Before that, Chinese brand cars were almost forced to a desperate situation. Entering the Russian market faced challenges in terms of brand value, inventory, and after-sales, and faced strict certification thresholds.

In the face of various unfavorable situations, Yuchai has actively explored the market. With good product quality and excellent service, as well as its good performance in the Sochi Winter Olympics, it has gained recognition from local users and obtained orders.

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