World's First In-Cylinder Hybrid Gas Engine Officially Developed Successfully

From August 2 onwards, the world's first in-cylinder hybrid gas engine will be further optimized in detail based on the success of preliminary tests to achieve better results. This engine was successfully developed by Jiangsu Xinneng Power Technology Co., Ltd. over two years. The Jiangsu Institute of Scientific and Technical Information conducted a search for new technologies in the international scope. At present, there are no similar products in the world.
Jiangsu Xinneng Power Technology Co., Ltd. is registered in Sutong Science and Technology Industrial Park and is a science and technology enterprise. The gas engine fuel supply and control system adopts the internationally leading in-cylinder direct injection and turbocharging technology, and breaks through the internationally popular pre-cylinder pre-mixed intake air through the technical and technological innovation of the core components of the gas engine. In this way, the in-cylinder mixing of gas engines becomes a reality. According to the test, the engine efficiency is 5%-15% higher than that of the conventional pre-cylinder premixed air intake method. With this invention, 25KW-4000KW power engines and generator sets can be developed, and the original fuel can be modified through convenient retrofit. Gas generators are upgraded to improve engine performance.
At the same time, this new type of engine can use a wide variety of flammable gases, greatly improving the energy saving and emission reduction capabilities of the equipment.
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