Working principle and type of cone crusher

The working principle of the cone crusher is shown in Figure 2-4. In Figure 2-4, 1 is a moving cone and 2 is a fixed cone. The space between them is a crushing cavity, and the motor drives the bevel gear through a belt. Due to the action of the eccentric mechanism, the tapered surface of the moving cone periodically approaches and leaves the fixed tapered surface. When the moving cone approaches the fixed cone, the crushing action occurs, and when it leaves, the material is discharged from the crushing chamber. It works cone crusher jaw crusher with the same, can be seen as a jaw crusher continuous action. In addition to the squeezing force, the cone crusher also applies the bending force, so the crushing ability is strong. In addition, it has a continuous effect, so the productivity is also high.
Cone crusher structure diagram

The more common cone crushers have the following

(1) The gyratory crusher is often used as coarse crushing. It can crush ore of 300~1200 mm, and the width of the discharge port is 75~220 mm.

(2) The medium and fine crusher cone crusher is divided into three types according to the structural characteristics: standard type, intermediate type and short head type.

Cementing Head

Cement head is a device fitted to the top joint of a casing string to hold a cement plug before it is pumped down the casing during the cementing operation. In most operations, a bottom plug is launched before the spacer of cement slurry. The top plug is released form the cement head after the spacer fluid. Most cement heads can hold both the top and bottom plugs. A manifold incorporated into the cement head assembly allows connection of a fluid circulation line.

1. Compact, easy to connect
2. Indicator monitoring stopper running
3. Body and short sleeve button connected by ladders
4. High strength materials and high thread to ensure it meets quality and performance requirements
5. Manifold connections, as required by the selection union.

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