Why NB-IoT Wireless Smoke Detector Can Quickly Replace Wired Smokebirds

Why NB-IoT wireless smoke alarm can quickly replace the wired smoke, mainly for several reasons.
One reason: wired smoke alarm needs wiring, wiring design, wiring workload, operation trouble, the installation location must be designed and installed according to the wiring, installation is not convenient; and wireless NB-IoT smoke alarm does not need to be wired, direct Taking the NB-IoT wireless network based on the three major operators, the operation is simple and the installation position can be arbitrarily selected.
Cause two: Cable smoke alarms are difficult to maintain, equipment failures cannot be self-checked, and human inspections are required; NB-IoT wireless smoke, maintenance convenience, equipment failures, and data anomalies are automatically reported.
Reason three: high maintenance costs, based on the above two reasons, cable smoke detectors need wiring, human and material costs are high, coupled with the late maintenance costs, it is bothersome and not worthwhile, and wireless NB-IoT smoke Sensing alarms require only simple installation and troubleshooting costs, making them easier, faster, and cheaper.
Based on the difference between NB-IoT wireless smoke detectors and traditional wired smoke detectors, the NB wireless smoke alarm system will be able to replace wired smoking sense so quickly. However, cable smoke is still used in some places on the market. Sensors, and most of them are old equipment that was previously installed. If a smoke alarm that does not have a self-test function does not know the fault, then it is in name only, and it makes everyone feel confident that there are smoke detectors. Dangerous situation, it will alarm, giving people greater security risks. Now the government is also vigorously promoting the transformation of fire alarm equipment in the old districts and strengthening the popularization of smart electricity systems so that people’s lives and property are more secure.

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