Wheat straw banned from the beginning of the three summer harvest

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] It is well known that burning straw is more harmful, which is not conducive to environmental protection and ecological civilization construction. It is easy to cause greater economic losses caused by fire and affect the production and life of the masses. Wheat straw is a valuable resource that can be used in animal husbandry, as well as in power generation and building decoration materials. It can also be used in other areas. If it is developed and utilized well, wheat straw is a treasure and has high economic value. A large amount of burning straw has caused a huge waste of resources. Destruction of soil ecological balance leads to a decline in soil organic matter, deterioration of soil structure, decline in soil fertility, and reduced ability to resist natural disasters, which is not conducive to soil and water conservation, affecting crop growth, affecting agricultural production, and increasing farmers' income.

Tianjin: More than 4,000 combine harvesters installed with straw smashing device
This year, Tianjin's summer grain harvest is about to be fully launched. In order to completely ban wheat straw burning and comprehensive utilization, the agricultural machinery management departments at various levels are taking a number of measures to prepare for war. Before the “Three Summers”, the main producing areas of summer grain increased supervision and inspection, supervised the installation of more than 4,000 wheat combine harvesters operating in the city, and added straw smashing and returning equipment to fully carry out straw smashing while harvesting wheat. Field work.
Wheat straw banned from the beginning of the three summer harvest

It is understood that in order to ensure the realization of the goal of comprehensive ban on burning straw in this year's wheat harvest, the municipal finance has arranged special support and guidance funds, and all districts and counties have also implemented the goal of comprehensive utilization of wheat straw into towns, villages and specific fields, and have clearly defined the comprehensive utilization of straw. Channel and support fund use plan.
Expert advice: measures for how to effectively ban the burning
Vigorously promote new technologies for conservation tillage. Through propaganda, the peasants and the masses fully understand the hazards of straw burning, widely publicize the advantages of protective farming techniques and the benefits of comprehensive utilization of wheat straw, change people's habit awareness, and improve the consciousness of burning straw.
Improve the comprehensive utilization of straw. The focus is on the development of animal husbandry, the use of straw processing feed to turn waste into treasure, and increase farmers' income. Farmers can also be encouraged to build biogas digesters and use straw to make biogas.
Promote the mechanization technology of straw treatment and vigorously promote the return of straw to the field. In recent years, agricultural machinery research units and production enterprises have developed a series of advanced machinery for the utilization of wheat straw, and the effect is very good. The first is to promote the wheat straw stalking and picking up technology, and to collect and bundle the straw. The second is to install the straw chopping and returning machine on the combine harvester, and directly smash the straw to the field. In the machine harvest, the height of the wheat bran is controlled, and the high nursery is prohibited. This will not only fundamentally solve the problem of straw burning, but also change the ecological balance of the soil.
Increase financial support. For agricultural machinery users who use wheat straw returning machines and balers, the government should provide certain subsidies in the purchase of machinery and machinery, improve the enthusiasm of farmers to purchase machines, and increase the promotion and application.
Strengthen leadership and implement a long-term mechanism for comprehensive ban on burning straw. All levels must set up a three-summer straw banned leading group. The main leaders are personally in charge, in charge of the leadership and relevant parts of the specific implementation, the formulation of strict reward and punishment policies, clear responsibilities, and joint management. The wheat straw burning was included in the party and government objectives assessment, and a long-term mechanism for the ban on burning wheat straw was established.
The above suggestions suggest that the wheat straw should be banned, the efficiency of straw utilization should be improved, and the government fire prevention efforts should be reduced. This will cause the leaders at all levels to pay close attention to take practical measures to solve this problem and further promote the whole region. The agricultural machinery industry is developing very fast and fast.

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