What qualifications do you have to buy an ambulance? What written materials are needed?

The purchase of an ambulance requires a hospital unit, and the purchase of an ambulance requires the following written materials:


1. A written application for purchasing an ambulance is required.

2. It is necessary to fill in the "Application Form for Medical and Health Institutions to Configure Ambulances".

3. Fill in the "Application Form for Registration of Newly Purchased Ambulance Vehicles".

4. Fill in the "Request for Ambulance Vehicle Application for Installation of Special Vehicle Warning Light Alarm".

It's relatively simple. Once these application forms are completed, you can buy a car directly.

An ambulance refers to a vehicle that rescues patients. The "AMBULANCE" on the body is written in reverse, so that the driver of the car in front can directly see the word Ambulance in the positive direction through the rearview mirror, so as to quickly give way.

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