What is the cause of the explosion-proof network camera without monitoring screen?

Surveillance cameras are used more and more widely in modern life, but in fact, its application range is far more than what we have seen. There are also many special occasions, such as coal mining, petrochemical and other occasions. In order to ensure safety, monitoring is also indispensable. Explosion-proof network cameras are produced for these special occasion applications.
Explosion-proof network cameras are explosion-proof monitoring products, which are the cross-products of the explosion-proof industry and the monitoring industry. Because they can not use conventional camera products in the field of high-risk flammability, products that require explosion-proof functions and relevant certificates issued by national authorities can be called It is an explosion-proof camera.
At present, the international mainstream of explosion-proof network cameras is flameproof. The utility model is characterized in that a conventional ordinary camera is placed in a special casing, which has the function of isolating the spark and the arc generated by the electrical components in the casing from the outer casing mixture, and can withstand the mixture entering the casing and the electrical equipment inside the casing. The sparks, the pressure generated by the arc detonation, and the outer casing are not destroyed; at the same time, the product in the shell can be prevented from being ejected to the outer shell mixture, and the mixture outside the shell is not caused to burn.
The explosion-proof network camera is a combination of explosion-proof monitoring technology and network technology, and the structure is more complicated than the analog explosion-proof camera. When the user is using it, there may be no monitoring screen after power-on. Don't worry at this time, carefully remove the fault.
1, the power supply is insufficient
The power of the switching power supply is not enough, causing the switching power supply to overheat, resulting in thermal protection. Check the method to the field mode power supply for temperature. If the cold ice is the power supply, the solution is: replace the power supply.
2. The power supply voltage is not enough
If the image of the explosion-proof network camera flashes and flashes, the voltage of the power supply is not enough, indicating that the power supply is 12V/2A. If 12V/1A is used, it is likely to flash and flash. Insufficient, need to replace the power supply.
3, its own fault
If only this explosion-proof network camera has this fault, it may appear in the camera internal program crash, recovery after power-off restart, mainly caused by the reset circuit is not good.
4. The line is reversed during the construction
If the wire is too thin, the pressure drop is large and the camera cannot be started. The solution is to standardize the construction and use a multimeter to input the voltage and current.
5, the transmission line has power
If it is connected to the AC power on the video transmission line, it will cause the explosion-proof network camera and the electrolytic capacitor inside the distributor to charge, which will block the video signal output. Test method: Measure the video cable voltage with a multimeter. Solution: Find the power connection place, the internal isolation function is to prevent this phenomenon, and the Zui high can have 220 volts on the video circuit and the device works normally, and will not be transmitted to the explosion-proof network camera or the main Control the room.

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