What are the factors affecting the price of compressed garbage truck garbage compressed vehicles?

What are the factors affecting the price of compressed garbage truck garbage compressed vehicles?

What are the price factors of compressed garbage truck garbage compression car compression car?

How much is the price of a garbage compact car? It is one of the important factors that customers will be examining before buying a car. As a manufacturer of compressed garbage trucks, what are the main factors affecting the price of a garbage compressed vehicle?


Let's first look at the composition of the price. The composition of the compressed garbage truck consists of two aspects: the chassis and the top. The chassis is first described. The engine brands on the chassis are different, the horsepower is different, and the maximum difference in emission assurance is not the same. There are many differences of tens of thousands of dollars, there are many transmission brands, different brands, different stalls are also thousands of dollars, and then the cab's luxury level and configuration, with air conditioning, ABS, driving recorder, less Prices vary, and the size of the tires varies. Reflected on the price of compressed garbage trucks, different sizes of chassis are used for different volumes. The difference is not the same as the different emission standards, different brands of engines, different power sizes, and different cab configurations.


The tops are made up of carbon steel plates and hydraulic parts and labor costs, which is better than statistics. At present, China's steel prices continue to rise. In terms of labor costs, China's labor wages have been continuously raised in recent years. The increase in freight rates caused by rising crude oil and the increase in workers' costs have led to a gradual increase in the cost of loading.

Another difference is the different costs caused by different manufacturers' design, materials, workmanship, management, and after-sales levels. When users purchase special vehicles such as compressed garbage trucks, the price is one of the factors to consider, but it is more important to choose manufacturers that are solid in materials, rigorous in workmanship, reasonable in design, and in place after sale. Otherwise, the preference for low prices will inevitably lead to inexhaustible troubles in the future.

There is also a brand difference. Domestic well-known listed companies, large companies known for their quality can often use their brand influence, and the price is higher. For example, some time ago, our company produced a post-export double-bridge 20-arm swing arm type garbage truck for a well-known domestic manufacturer. Some companies can rely on their own brand to receive orders, the price is also very impressive. But in fact, we are still looking for a company with reliable quality and good quality. The difference in the middle is quite impressive.

The above is a factor analysis of the difference in the price of garbage compressed vehicles by compressed garbage truck manufacturers. Therefore, the majority of garbage truck users can not be biased when purchasing, to fully consider, choose the best cost-effective garbage compression car manufacturers to order. Need to know more about the price of garbage compression car, compressed garbage truck configuration and other information, please feel free to call the compressed garbage truck manufacturer Wang Manager 13908662884 consultation!

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