What are the agricultural testing instruments (aggregate summary of agricultural testing instruments)

Agricultural testing instruments are responsible for testing in the agricultural field. They play an important role in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, scientific research units, testing and analyzing seeds, central laboratories, agricultural engineering and other departments. So what are the agricultural testing instruments ? This article sorts out the classification and summary of agricultural testing instruments.

According to different test items, agricultural instruments can be simply divided into eight categories, as follows:

1. Agricultural meteorological testing instruments: mainly hand-held agricultural meteorological detectors, agricultural meteorological stations, carbon dioxide detectors, wind direction and speed recorders, rainfall recorders, etc.;

2. Soil testing instruments: mainly include soil nutrient tester, soil pH tester, soil hardness tester, soil moisture tester, soil heavy metal tester, etc.;

3. Plant physiological testing instruments: mainly include leaf area meter, chlorophyll tester, plant nutrition tester, plant disease tester, plant canopy analyzer, root analysis system, etc.;

4. Agricultural product safety testing equipment: mainly include pesticide residue detector, grain heavy metal detector, clenbuterol residue detector, aquatic antibiotics detector, veterinary drug residue detector, etc.;

5. Agricultural product quality testing instruments: mainly include fruit quality non-destructive tester, fruit hardness tester, fruit brix tester, Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer, fat tester, crude fiber tester, rice appearance quality tester, etc.;

6. Plant protection equipment: there are mainly intelligent insect forecasting lights, high-altitude forecasting lights, spore traps, solar insecticidal lights, frequency vibration insecticidal lights, plant quarantine boxes, etc.;

7. Grain, oil and flour testing instruments: mainly electronic farinometers, whiteness meters, amylose analyzers, gluten meters, etc.;

8. Seed testing equipment: mainly include seed counter, seed cleanliness workbench, computer moisture analyzer, seed splitter, seed aging box, etc.

New agricultural instruments make agricultural testing digital and intelligent, and play an important role in the development of ecological agriculture, water-saving agriculture, dryland agriculture, precision agriculture and plant protection, and the cultivation of high-yield, high-resistance new varieties of agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery, and forestry. Plays an increasingly important role. At the same time, the application of agricultural testing instruments is also a basic condition for scientific and technological innovation in the agricultural field, an important part of the basic support system for national scientific and technological progress, and a necessary condition for adapting to new scientific and technological development trends such as interdisciplinary integration and continuous emergence of new disciplines. . Therefore, as China's agricultural science and technology research continues to deepen, the role of instruments and equipment in promoting the development of China's agricultural science and technology will also become more and more important.

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