Weichai Power's hydraulic products unveiled at BMW Shanghai

On November 28, 2012, Weichai Power officially announced its hydraulic products at the largest exhibition in the construction machinery industry in Shanghai , including Jiang Kui, general manager of Shandong Heavy Industry Group and Sun Shaojun, CEO of Weichai Power . Several executives attended the press conference.

At the meeting, Weichai Power Linde Hydraulics released three products, namely return motor HMF135-02, string pump HPR165D-02, and valve VT4/9. According to Linde engineering personnel, the newly released backhaul motor and pump have the advantages of long service life, high power density ratio, low noise, and real-time arrival of instructions, which can make the hydraulic system supporting design more flexible, suitable for all kinds of Different types of mainframe products allow the user to freely configure the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic technology is a weak link in China's construction machinery industry, especially the high-end hydraulic parts rely on imports for a long time. Only the import value of high-end hydraulic products in 2011 was as high as 30 billion yuan. For this product launch, Jun Jun, president of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said: "The introduction of core technology and products of Linde Hydraulics by Weichai Power will help break through the bottleneck in China's hydraulics industry and drastically shorten the hydraulic industry in China. The world's leading time has provided China with a rare opportunity to intervene in the high-end hydraulic manufacturing industry, and it is of far-reaching significance to upgrade the overall level of China's equipment manufacturing industry."

When Thorsten VanderTuuk, Linde Hydraulic's Vice President, talked about the development strategy of Linde Hydraulics in China, he emphasized: “The injection of Weichai Power brings untapped potential markets to the development of Keio Linde, especially in the high-growth Asian markets. It also provides opportunities for Kai-Lin Lind to constantly expand its scale and better adapt to the changing market environment and increasingly fierce competition."

Jiang Kui, general manager of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, talked about the progress of the strategic restructuring of Weichai Power Co., Ltd., said: "As the largest direct investment of Chinese companies in Germany, Weichai Power and KION have the product, regional market position and technology. With strong complementarity, the cooperation between the two parties will further enhance their respective competitive advantages and have a very significant win-win value.This cooperation is an important step for the company to implement a globalization strategy and expand new markets and new product business activities in the next five years. With adaptive development and cooperation, Weichai Power can quickly master the world's leading high-end hydraulic technology, achieve a complete breakthrough in the fields of construction machinery, agricultural machinery, yachts, aerospace and other fields, and quickly occupy the commanding heights of the hydraulic industry.In addition, through the KION Group 25% equity investment can achieve synergy with Shandong Heavy Industry forklift business and upgrade Shandong Heavy Industry forklift's technology, quality and technology level."

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