Water source heat pump home air conditioner successfully developed

Recently, the " air- source heat pump home air-conditioning " patented technology as the core of high efficiency and energy saving, no outdoor air-conditioning units, from Hangzhou Spring Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. and three cable Technology Co., Ltd. jointly developed. The successful research of this technology has enabled the split air conditioners to get rid of the fetters of "outdoor unit" and made significant progress in energy saving and environmental protection of air conditioners. This section has no outdoor air conditioner in the design to maintain the existing air-conditioning performance, while the transformation of innovative ways to use the surface, groundwater or tap water to replace the existing air-conditioned outdoor air exchange. The energy conversion process is completed by closed loop water circulation, so that air-conditioning operation and exchange of the host part (commonly known as outdoor unit) can be installed indoors, is conducive to safety and maintenance, and beautify the building's appearance. And the air-conditioning technology has made a breakthrough in energy-saving efficiency improvement, exceeding the technology in the patent application 40% energy-saving estimates.