Wärtsilä launches the latest ship navigation intelligent forecasting system

At the recent Seatrade International Cruise Show in the United States, Wärtsilä (ship hangar location) Group launched and demonstrated the latest innovative "SmartPredict" ship navigation intelligent prediction system.

According to reports, Wärtsilä's "SmartPredict" intelligent forecasting system is designed to provide safer and more efficient ship operations and reduce operational-related risks. The system can use dynamic positioning analysis algorithm to dynamically analyze various data such as speed, azimuth, acceleration and wind speed related to ship navigation, and predict and display the movement of the ship to reduce the safety risk and improve the ship's maneuvering process. effectiveness.

The “SmartPredict” intelligent forecasting system displays the ship's future position and heading, using proven dynamic positioning analysis algorithms to evaluate the forces affecting the ship, providing predictive dynamic predictions. The forecasting system is also equipped with a predictive time display.
Wärtsilä said that most traditional forecasting systems can only use basic input parameters and can only provide limited availability. The "SmartPredict" software (product library purchase supply) module can use all the parameters for the automation of dynamic positioning (product library purchase supply) control, can be dynamically adjusted according to the requirements of various ships. Such inputs include the current position and heading of the ship, as well as the speed and cornering speed and all associated accelerations. The manual instructions of the console are also taken into account, and the wind sensors on the ship (purchasing the product library) will also enter environmental parameters. These factors can be continuously evaluated to provide real-time updates to the ship's voyage.

According to Maik Stoevhase, President of Wärtsilä Shipbuilding ANC & Integrated Systems, Electronics and Automation Systems, “Our smart forecasting can help ship operators see the future, enable smarter and safer ship handling decisions, and reduce ship accidents. Risk, this is an important step in the development of ship automation. In the future, operations such as boating can achieve complete automation."

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