Use the positive pressure supply air residual pressure monitoring system to master the fire extinguishing initiative

With the acceleration of the urbanization process, how to prevent fires and ensure fire safety has become an important and difficult problem in urban governance today. The use of big data, Internet of Things and other technologies to build a "smart fire protection" system, effectively integrate the forces of all parties, find out the number of disasters, and build a city public safety fire prevention system has become the key to mastering the fire fighting initiative.
The positive pressure air supply residual pressure monitoring system is an intelligent system that integrates industrial computer technology, communication anti-electromagnetic interference, digital sensing technology and industrial field bus control technology, and can monitor the working state of the residual pressure of the fire evacuation channel for 24 hours. Check and give an alarm prompt for the residual pressure in the abnormal state. In the event of a fire, the system can automatically adjust the supply air volume of the mechanical pressurization system, or remotely control it in the fire control center.
Lingxiang positive pressure supply air residual pressure monitoring system
The residual pressure sensor is an important part of the positive pressure supply residual pressure monitoring system , which is mainly used for monitoring the residual pressure value in the front room and staircase of high-rise buildings.
The differential pressure is the residual pressure value, which refers to the air pressure difference between the front room and the walkway, and between the staircase and the walkway. The National "Technical Standards for Building Smoke and Smoke Exhaust Systems" provides:
The residual pressure of smoke-proof staircase and walkway should be in the range of 40Pa-50Pa.
The residual pressure of the front room, shared front room, fire elevator front room and aisle should be in the range of 25Pa-30Pa.
When the residual pressure value exceeds the specified interval, the residual pressure sensor transmits the signal to the residual pressure controller (box) , the residual pressure controller (box) links the pressure relief valve actuator, opens the bypass valve, and disperses the air volume of the positive pressure fan Outside the system, the air volume of the positive-pressure air supply duct is reduced. When the residual pressure value is lower than the specified interval, the linked bypass valve is closed to resume pressurization.
Shenzhen Lingxiang Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed positive pressure air supply residual pressure strictly based on national standards GB50016-2014 "Code for Fire Protection of Architectural Design" and GB51251-2017 "Technical Standards for Building Smoke Control and Exhaust System", and GB16806-2006 "Fire Control System" surveillance system. At present, the application fields of Lingxiang positive pressure air supply and residual pressure monitoring system have covered airports, hotels, hospitals, real estate and other industries, and maintain in-depth cooperation with major real estate developers.

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