Use of hydrocyclones

Hydrocyclones are mainly used in the beneficiation industry for classification, sorting, concentration and de-sludge. Therefore, the hydrocyclone can generally be divided into two types for classification and heavy medium selection. Here we mainly introduce the hydrocyclone for classification, which is also suitable for concentration and de-sludge.
When the hydrocyclone is used as a classification device , it is mainly used to form a grinding-grading system with the mill; when used as a de-slipping device, for example, it can be used for de-slipping in a re-election plant; when used as a concentrated dewatering device , for example, it can be used for beneficiation. The tailings are concentrated and sent to fill the underground mining tunnel.
The advantages of the hydrocyclone are: 1 simple structure, light and flexible, no moving parts; 2 low equipment cost, easy assembly and disassembly, convenient maintenance, small floor space, less capital construction; 3 unit volume processing capacity; 4 grade granularity Fine, up to about 10μm; 5 high classification efficiency, sometimes up to about 80%; 6 slurry in the cyclone retained less amount and time, easy to handle when shut down.
The disadvantages of the hydrocyclone are: 1 The power consumption of the mining sand pump is large and the wear is fast, the unit power consumption is about several times that of the spiral classifier, but the high classification efficiency can make up for this loss; 2 the parts are worn quickly, mainly The feed port and the grit port are worn fast, so they are lined with wear parts such as rubber and polyurethane and are easy to replace. Some grit ports can be adjusted in size; 3 small fluctuations in the concentration, particle size, viscosity and pressure of the ore are working. The indicator has a large impact and the corresponding automatic control unit can be configured for this purpose.

This kind of Armature Trickling Machine can meet the requirement of different armature dimension. It makes the whole trickling process far more iconvinient than by manual. It can greatly reduce the larbor forces. With a big ovem, this machine is also very effiencient.

Firstly, operator needs to load  armature to the required tooling position. Once it can loads a considerable amount. Then press the start button. Machine will do the trickling process. This type of machine covers a full range, inculding power tool armature, starter armature, mixer armature and etc.

Armature Impregnation machine

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