"Truck Flight" Mode Will Speed ​​Up High-End Heavy Trucking

Following Shandong Yantai and Weifang, Zhejiang Yiwu Airport Customs recently launched a “truck flight” business. "Truck Flight" is not only confined to truck transportation, but also penetrates into aviation logistics and other fields. It has become another recruit in the domestic truck logistics and transportation industry.
However, when the reporter called the domestic freight forwarding company to learn more about the “truck flight” business, he discovered that the business model referred to by the relevant person in charge of the freight forwarding company was not a “truck flight” business as defined. Why is this?

"The current definition of "truck flights" is not yet uniform, and some companies' trucking freight logistics business is transported on trucks throughout the journey, and strives to arrive at the destination on time, mainly in the domestic business. Currently launched by airlines and customs The "truck flights" are mostly based on international shipments, that is, air and land transport," said a relevant person in charge of a domestic freight forwarding company.

Then, what kind of transportation process is specific to the “truck flight” launched by the customs? What are the opportunities for domestic truck companies that arise from the rise of “truck flights”?

"Truck Flight" should be born

“For example, imported goods are marked on the main waybill from Los Angeles to Beijing to Yantai. This mainly means that the goods are transported to Beijing via international airline flights and then sent from Beijing to Yantai, but because of the capacity of some airlines. Limited, and sometimes not so much turnover, so airlines, freight forwarders signed an agreement to replace the flight segments of the domestic segment with trucks. Exports of goods abroad, the delivery model is basically the same.” Yantai Airport Customs Clearance Section Relevant person in charge stated that “truck flight” is the name given by the civil aviation community to trucks for the transport of air cargo and is an air cargo service project opened up to make up for the inability of aircraft to reach the location. Simply put, it is the use of road transport to extend the scope of airport services so that airports without airports can easily send and receive air cargo.

In the current domestic shipping market, due to the uneven distribution of airline network among airlines, in areas with low frequency of flights and low capacity, it is unable to meet the customer's air transportation service needs, and this kind of business is often undertaken by domestic cargo agents and Formed a fixed shipping channel. “In the face of increasingly fierce competitive environment for sea, land and air cargo transportation, the company urgently needs to find new breakthrough points. In response to the company’s lack of network capacity for shipping routes, we have proposed a truck cargo transportation program in Beijing—Shenyang and Beijing. —Two stations in Changchun were launched to sign a fixed road freight company to complete the latter-stage transportation agreement for air cargo,” the person in charge of the Hainan Airlines Propaganda Department told reporters. The relevant person in charge of the HNA Cargo Department stated that the smooth development of the “truck flight” has played a catalytic role in improving the market share of Hainan Airlines’s weaker shipping capacity and providing diversified services for freight products.

Rapid growth in freight traffic

“Next, we will increase the operating density of 'truck flights' and take targeted measures to encourage more companies to join the 'truckflight' team and enjoy the convenience and convenience of 'truck flights' to facilitate the export of goods.” Yantai Customs officials said.

According to statistics of Yantai Customs, during the four years since the “truck flight” was opened, the business volume has been on an upward trend. In the first half of 2009, the import and export cargo volume of Yantai Airport was 8,451 tons, an increase of 52.87% compared with the same period of last year, while the cargo volume of "truck flights" reached 2,229 tons. This has also been confirmed in other cities that have opened a “truck flight” business.

With the rapid development of the domestic economy and the increasingly frequent economic and trade exchanges between domestic and foreign companies, they have provided the basis for the development of import and export business. Under this premise, the role of "truck flights" is also increasingly important. As a result, in the past, some goods that required air transportation were relied on road freight, which provided a new market space for domestic truck companies.

"The 'truck flight' is a trend that facilitates international import and export freight, and some call it a new model for air cargo." In response, Jiang Jianhua, manager of SAIC Iveco Hongyan Public Relations Department, said: "At present, most domestic airlines are The introduction of this mode of transportation includes Air China, Hainan Airlines, etc. This effectively improves the quality of logistics and transportation, including speed and timeliness."

Liu Keqiang, chief marketing officer of Shaanxi Zhongqi, believes that market segmentation is mainly due to demand. If air transport is selected, most customers consider the advantage of timeliness. However, because road transport has convenient advantages such as point-to-point and starting at any time, it can make up for the shortcomings of lack of air transport capacity.

More demanding models

“This is equivalent to air and land transport, which makes up for the inadequacy of air transport capacity through the advantages of land freight; on the other hand, it also facilitates the expansion of aviation logistics and transportation business. For the truck industry, this is a new market.” Jiang Jianhua said. With the development of the domestic economy, the logistics environment has been continuously refined, and land and air transport has been adopted in the import and export of cargo, providing a new market for truck companies. “I think that the market share of this market segment will increase year by year and the volume of business will increase. The truck flight business has a higher demand for heavy trucks. The materials transported by flights are relatively expensive, so the reliability of heavy truck products is very high. There are higher requirements in terms of sex, etc. It is certainly more advantageous for truck companies that are on the middle and high-end routes."

From the perspective of users, truck companies must upgrade product quality, reduce failure rates, and increase reliability. "This part of the market demand should be relatively high, such as high-end equipment, such as electronic monitoring systems. Therefore, the ultimate goal is to improve the competitiveness of products and services." Liu Keqiang said.

“Some places do not have airports, and they may achieve a convenient result through land and air transport.” Jiang Jianhua said that at present, domestic truck companies are paying more attention to traditional logistics transportation modes. "The 'truck flight' is still very useful, from which we can pay attention to the current changes in domestic logistics and transportation (for example, the transition from retailing to grouped users, the transformation of grouped users to branded users, etc.)."

“For trucks on road transportation, whether it is land, air or land and sea transportation, it is a supplement. This is also the development trend of the logistics industry in the future. For example, highways use heavy-duty trucks between cities, and the city’s internal The use of urban logistics vehicles for transshipment, for example in the Shenzhen seaport, freight is transported from the terminal by the tractor to the container yard near the expressway, and then used long-haul heavy trucks to transship across the country, and the provinces and municipalities are then switched to urban logistics. The car was distributed," Jiang Jianhua said.

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