Transgenic test papers in transgenic rice rapid test

Rice is one of the most important economic crops in China. The rice obtained through rice cultivation is also an indispensable staple food source for all three meals a day. Therefore, with the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, the safety of rice varieties is increasingly affected. People pay attention, and one of the focuses is on GM varieties. The use of genetically modified test papers to carry out rapid genetic testing of rice varieties can quickly identify whether the rice varieties to be sown are genetically modified products, which can effectively improve the efficiency of rice variety detection and ensure the safety of rice planting.

Transgenic test paper

Transgenic test papers can be used to facilitate the rapid and efficient detection of genetically modified rice varieties. Genetically modified test papers can be used not only for the detection of transgenic rice leaves, but also for the detection of rice seed varieties, and the technology is a With the rapid measurement technology, the test results can be obtained in a very short period of time after the test to determine whether the rice variety is a genetically modified product, which provides a lot of convenience for the test personnel to carry out on-site inspection and judgment work.
At present, with the development of biological research technology, GM crops are flooded with agricultural production. Some of them are rigorously screened for safe transgenic crops, while others are illegally circulated, and may infringe on food safety. Therefore, in order to regulate rice transgenics, Variety markets, to increase the safety of rice cultivation, then we must strengthen the genetic testing of rice varieties, conventional laboratory testing takes a long time, low efficiency, very limited for the detection of law enforcement work, but also conducive to grassroots promotion, but If genetically modified test papers are used to carry out the rapid genetic testing of rice varieties, it will further strengthen the detection of transgenic rice varieties, increase the frequency and scope of detection, effectively ensure the safe promotion of rice varieties, and help ensure the development of a safe and green rice cultivation industry. Food safety on the tip of the tongue.

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