Toshiba Medical Corporation develops X-ray remote position adjuster

Toshiba Medical recently developed a new multi-function multi-axis X-ray remote position adjuster InfinixVFi/BP placed on the ground. The 12x16-inch flat panel detector (FPD) allows most doctors to operate and operate the patient and achieve anatomy A comprehensive examination of the school.

InfinixVFi/BP is a multi-axis vascular X-ray system placed on the ground, the latest addition to the Infinix-i family of systems. Used in conjunction with the ceiling-mounted omegaC arm 8x8-inch FPD, FPDs deliver high-quality, distortion-free images for complex vascular and neurological interventions, as well as common vascular imaging exams.

Toshiba's global market is divided into four major regions except Japan: Europe, America, Asia, and China. China is the only country-based market and the largest independent market for Toshiba after Japan and the United States. The business products include Toshiba's full line of products, and its business model covers R&D, procurement, production, logistics, sales, service, environmental protection and many other businesses.

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