Top 10 2003 models

In 2003, the Chinese car landscape changed dramatically. The new car show “You Sing Zhao Zhi De Debuted”. Within a year, more than 50 new wheels Fandetai debuted, making Chinese consumers feel as if they were Liu Kuang entered the Grand View Garden and saw dizziness. And those old models are not unwilling to be lonely, have launched upgrade products, it is exciting

By the end of the year, it was the year-end inventory. The media awards event is also a major feature of the domestic auto market in 2003, and it is spreading. "Car Gold Magazine" only wants to use its own point of view, from the perspective of pure appreciation, combined with the characteristics of each model, as well as brand positioning and market reactions, to the readers listed in the magazine recommended "2003 Top Ten models."

★ National Hope Model Award

FAW Red Flag "Flagship"

Since the birth of the "Red Flag" car, it has been given a special meaning. It can be said that the "Red Flag" car carries the national brand hope of Chinese automakers.

The flagship series of Hongqi is a top-class luxury car with independent intellectual property rights jointly designed and developed by FAW Car Corporation and Ford of the United States. Its design and manufacturing process is in the same technology platform as Ford’s Lincoln Metropolitan. In the exterior design of the vehicle, it integrates the traditional aesthetic features of the Chinese nation. It inherits the style of the old red flag with its elegance, style and style. It also cumulates the luxurious fashion and plump sleek streamline shape that is popular in the international auto market today. People are very elegant and respectful; they have great sense of interior design; they have a large vehicle control system and small electric switches, and they are everywhere in the world of high-tech automotive technology and ride comfort and safety. Combination and presentation.

★ Aiming for enterprising models

Shanghai GM Excelle

Excelle is another masterpiece after Shanghai General Motors was following the Sailou. At the Shanghai International Auto Show in April 2003, it was the first time to debut with the concept of “global car”, aiming to become a reliable partner in the cause and life of the “pragmatic and progressive social backbone”.

Carried by the CEO of Pinin鄄farina, the top Italian design company, the design concept of “Integrating into a European-style global car” with a near-perfect ratio of full vehicle, sculptural lines and unique design inspired by modern dynamics. Elegant and harmonious.

Its propaganda strategy has adopted the concept of “global car”. The price positioning is directed at mid-level cars. From the current situation of queuing up prices, it can be discovered that excellent marketing has brought huge profits.

★ Achievement Dream Model Award

FAW-Volkswagen Audi A4

The Audi A4 produced by FAW-Volkswagen is the first international luxury brand B-Class sedan, which complements the gap of domestic cars and reinforces FAW-Volkswagen's leading position in the domestic luxury car market. The Audi A4's innovative technology and unique and advanced overall structure have given people an idea of ​​the future of sedan design and combine the driving pleasure with the pragmatic spirit.

The Audi A4 is another high-end car that Volkswagen put into the Chinese market after the A6. The direct rival is the domestic BMW 3 Series that will be listed later. Compared with the A6, the biggest feature of the A4 is that it allows the driver to find the pleasure of driving. It is the real "driver's car." The listed Audi A4 has 1.8T and Audi A43.0 equipped with quattro full-time four-wheel drive system, and the price is between 379,000 yuan and 559,000 yuan. Considering the high standard demand of Chinese consumers, the standard configuration of these two vehicles is even far higher than the standard configuration in the US market.

The Audi A6 brand has been given the meaning of “high-end” and “luxury” by Chinese consumers, while the A4 is tailored to young, successful men with more quality and personality. Industry evaluation, Audi A4's power, control, main / passive safety and comfort have reached a new height of domestic luxury cars.

★ Confucian Temperament Model Award

FAW Mazda 6

Mazda 6 produced by FAW is a heavyweight mid-range sedan that Mazda launched at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show. Mazda 6 has a brand new name and a brand new platform, which seeks to redefine Mazda's direction in the mid-range car segment. In the mid-range car market in the world, Mazda 6 will target competitors such as the BMW 3 Series, Volkswagen Passat, Honda Accord, and Toyota Camry, which have already reached the world.

Mazda 6 created a new global standard for mid-to-high-class cars in the 21st century with its dynamic interior shape, excellent maneuverability, high standards of safety, large interior space and refined workmanship. Producers, sellers or consumers will all be proud to own the Mazda6.

★ Youth Idol Model Award

Shanghai Volkswagen POLO

Shanghai Volkswagen POLO is the kind of car that can be seen on the heart. The lively, dynamic, sturdy "front face", a pair of strong penetrating eyes, gives people a kind of affinity and true feelings. A slightly steeper rising waist line continues after everyone's attention on the B-pillar, and the mature Shuya and rounded textures suddenly create an impulse to experience affinity and caress.

POLO's near-demanding perfectionism complements people's understanding and meets people's highest expectations for humanistic design. Only people who know how to enjoy life can taste POLO from the end of the story. This may be the reason why POLO is popular with young people.

★ Pioneer Model Award

Changan Ford Carnival

"Carnival", a beautiful name derived from the ancient festivals in Spain, made this Changan Ford's new car purely European. It is based on the world-famous best-selling model, the Ford Fiesta platform developed by the European design, using the Ford brand world-class advanced technology and complete management system, specifically for China's development, production of 4 three-car.

The car inherits the classic design style of the Ford brand and demonstrates the style of everyone in the family car. Its extraordinary power to fully refresh the performance of similar Chinese family cars in terms of dynamic performance, considerate and indispensable safety equipment makes it even more trusted, and the comfort configuration of value for money will push the moving charm of the Ford Fiesta to another height!

In the past nearly one year, although the market reaction was not overwhelming, as Ford’s road explorer into China, it also fulfilled its mission.

★ Dream Combination Model Award

Chery "talking" QQ

In many competitors can stand out, Chery QQ does have its own uniqueness.

Chery QQ uses the most popular fashion colors in the world to add new elements to happiness and dreams. Moreover, since September 2003, a large number of supply to the market, almost every month is in short supply, and once climbed to the top of the monthly sales ranking of the Beijing Asian Games Village auto trading market, so that many well-born models can not match. Secondly, being involved in the intellectual property dispute with Chevrolet SPARK can be used as a competitor, and it is enough to be proud of winning or losing.

The newly launched “Talking QQ” once again embodies Chery's brilliant ideas. The wonderful combination of IT and cars will surely continue to write the magic of the Chery QQ market.

★ Real SUV Model Award

Zhengzhou Nissan Paladin

Some people say that 2003 was the year of SUV in the Chinese automotive market. Because SUV this car to adapt to more and more consumers in pursuit of personality, fashion and leisure lifestyle needs.

Nissan's classic multi-purpose vehicle designed for the Chinese market, its demeanor gives people unlimited imagination - magnificent and subtle and mature appearance models, distinguished, stylish and smooth; luxurious equipment, strong power, Reasonable matching reflects the harmony of grand and delicate; the latest technology safety system brings a full range of security; the interior of the generously-loaded space and the roof of the large tubular luggage rack, practical and convenient; durable chassis, regardless of It is in the bumpy road or in the bumpy terrain. It can handle it without any road conditions.

From a technical point of view, PALADIN is the first truly authentic SUV product in China.

★ Fashion Personality Model Award

Dongfeng Citroen Sinar

The Dongfeng Citroen Azera, which was launched in April 2003, is a French-style car with a sense of romance from the exterior to the interior: a large forward-thrusting engine hood combined with a slightly taller tail. Leaning forward, giving the car a light and dynamic movement is a model that can be identified at a glance. Senna's sleek styling and well-balanced lines combine the modest modernity of Elysee with the distinctive modernity of Sala Picasso's avant-garde.

Senna was launched in Europe in early 2002 and sold well in Europe and the Americas. The car follows Citroën's unique design concept and fully embodies the elegance, fashion, humanity and modern style of the Citroen sedan. It integrates modern technology, automotive technology, humanistic care and fashion design.

★ Sail starting model award

Dongfeng Nissan Sunshine

With a glance, you will know that the Nissan "sunshine" is a distinctive car. It is full of dynamic, unique style, far superior to other cars of the same type. With "sunshine", you will have extraordinary space, superior performance, good economy, comfort, safety and reliability.

Nissan’s “triple safety protection” provided to drivers, namely “information security” that provides early warning to drivers, “control security” that assists drivers to avoid accidents, and “collision safety” that helps reduce accident injuries, show Nissan’s importance Provides security for passengers.

The other kind of "sunshine" is unique, because it is the result of the marriage between Dongfeng and Nissan, and it also indicates that the new Dongfeng will sail again.

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