Tiankang pressure transmitter instrument pointer failure

Transmitter will inevitably have some problems in the process of use, the following analysis and treatment methods in the oil production process in the instrument pointer failure problem.
First, the instrument pointer indicates zero
1. When the transmitter high-pressure conduit is blocked or leaked to measure the crystal liquid, due to the discharge of the pressure guiding tube of the transmitter not timely or the medium is dirty or sticky, it is easy to cause the plugging phenomenon of the pressure-increasing pipe, when the positive pressure side presses When the tube is clogged, the pressure of the negative pressure chamber P- is higher than the pressure of the positive pressure chamber p+, and the differential pressure is Δp=p+-p-<0. Its performance characteristic is that the transmitter output is zero.
2. When the transducer is connected with the high and low pressures, the pressure transmitter of the transmitter is reversed, and the flow direction of the medium in the process piping is reversed. The output of the transmitter will show zero. When the smart pressure transmitter is used for measurement, it is not necessary to reinstall the high and low pressure pressure tubes. Only the inverse output can be selected when the parameters are configured.
Second, the instrument pointer indicates the upper limit
1. Improper use of the instrument An intelligent pressure transmitter is used to measure the level. If the transmitter is always running above the high level, or always running at the low level, it may cause the meter to indicate an overrun. Therefore, in the actual production process, the process medium should be ensured to be within the range of the instrument and the operator should be prevented from erroneously judging the instrument failure.
2. Improper meter range selection When the smart pressure transmitter is in use, if the range is not properly selected, meter over-limit errors often occur. Especially when performing level measurement, the measurement range must be migrated. If the migration is not performed, the instrument will be inaccurate or out of specification.
Third, the instrument output indicator is too high or too low When using orifice plate and transmitter to measure fluid flow, after the instrument is put into use, the output signal is always low or high. The common causes and handling methods are as follows:
1. The balance valve in the three-valve group closes poorly When the balance valve 5 of the three-valve group closes loosely, there will be a small amount of leakage, which will cause the high-pressure side fluid to flow to the negative pressure chamber, thus reducing the differential pressure signal entering the transmitter. Because of the low output of the instrument.
2. If the orifice plate is installed in reverse, the differential pressure generated by the orifice plate will decrease, and the corresponding flow rate will be smaller.
3. Blockage or Leakage of Pressure Piping Pipes Check each connection joint and check for leaks at each connection joint and weld joint. When the high-pressure side pressure tube leaks, â–³P = P + - P-, there will be â–³ P value is less than the normal standard value, there is a phenomenon of low output indicator. When the measured medium is prone to crystallization or a polymer is formed, the measuring film of the positive pressure chamber is stained with the polymerization crystal of the measuring medium, and a phenomenon that the meter output indicates a high level may occur.
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