Thoughts on the System Construction of Basic Agricultural Technology Extension Projects

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The grand goal of realizing the new socialist countryside must rely on agricultural science and technology as a support, and a large number of scientific and technological achievements and advanced and practical technologies can only be promoted and applied in production as soon as possible so that they can be transformed into actual productivity.
Practice has proved that promotion of grass-roots agro-technologies is not only the entry point and end-result of achievement transformation, but also the main form of disseminating scientific and technological cultural knowledge. Over the years, China's agricultural technology extension system has played a major role in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into practical productivity. It is a bridge and link between government, technology, and farmers. In the entire agricultural technology promotion system in our country, the promotion agencies at the county and township levels are the key to construction. The new Central Document No. 1 once again clearly stated that the requirement of “continuing to strengthen the establishment of grassroots agricultural technology extension system” was a great encouragement and support for our agricultural science and technology workers.
1 Existing Problems in the Construction of the Agricultural Extension Project Project 1.1 The promotion system is still not sound enough The two-level agricultural technology promotion network in the county and county level is relatively complete, and the first-level agricultural technology promotion network in the township and township is not perfect. Some townships have only one or two people. For example, in Shaoshan County, 71 informal agricultural technicians were retired in the reform of township institutions, and only 14 of the 14 villages and towns were officially established as agricultural technicians, and the technical strength was rather weak. Under the current “combination of blocks and blocks” management system, the main work of the township agricultural and technical cadres is still arranged by the local government, and it is only for the promotion of agricultural technology; only some townships have no fixed offices. Not to mention all kinds of propaganda equipment; The village-level promotion network is basically in a paralyzed state. Young and middle-aged farmers often go out to work. It is very difficult to find a technician with a certain level of cultural knowledge. Therefore, it is difficult to carry out daily scientific and technological propaganda and training in village groups, relying solely on the spontaneous agricultural learning techniques of farmers.
1.2 Shortage of promotion funds It is understood that grass-roots agro-technical extension units are generally under-funded, and some cannot even be guaranteed wages. Most units “have money to support soldiers and have no money to fight”, and the fare and subsidies for science and technology personnel in the countryside cannot be reimbursed. There are few opportunities for science and technology personnel at all levels to study, communicate, train, and visit abroad, and it is difficult for the scientific and technical personnel to improve their own quality. Directly affected the in-depth scientific and technological work and the promotion of technology. According to relevant information, compared with other countries, the intensity of investment in agricultural technology promotion in our country is obviously low. The agricultural technology promotion funds in developed countries account for 0.6% to 1.0% of the total agricultural output value in the developed countries, and 0.5% in developing countries. 0.2%. Only 1/4 of the average number of developed countries.
1.3 Low level of scientific and cultural quality of farmers After many years of training, although the cultural quality of farmers in Baoji City has improved to some extent, the overall cultural quality is still low. Among the agricultural laborers, 16% of rural laborers are from high school or above, and 54% from junior high school. , Below junior high school accounted for 30%, overall at a relatively low level. With the rise of peasants working outside the workforce, there are only old and weak groups in the village. New technologies and new results are difficult to implement in farmers and fields. The low quality of farmers' science and technology is a phenomenon. The system is not perfect. There are few training opportunities for agricultural technology extension workers and the knowledge structure is unreasonable. The existing knowledge of agricultural extension workers is aging and the technology is still a single phenomenon. According to statistics, the county has been in the past 5 years The training of scientific and technical personnel is only 50 times. There is no way to talk about the training of scientific and technical personnel below the township level. At present, most of the township agro-technical stations still focus on directing traditional agricultural production. There are relatively few specialized professionals in economic crops, special breeding, livestock husbandry, seedlings, and processing. This is far from adapting to the development of modern agriculture and “a Village one product "industry situation needs. As the establishment of the grass-roots units is difficult to solve and the treatment is poor, there is still a contradiction between the supply and demand of grass-roots agro-technical personnel and difficulties for graduates of agricultural universities and technical secondary schools.
1.5 The Insufficient Management Mechanism The grass-roots agro-technical extension project system is mostly operated in accordance with the administrative mode of operation and planning mode. There is no effective incentive mechanism, and there is a common phenomenon that the agricultural technicians do nothing and do more than one. Some counties randomly arranged non-professionals to agricultural technology extension agencies, which affected the overall quality of the project promotion team; some counties did not even hold township agricultural technical station business meetings for several years or even years. They did not check at ordinary times and did not perform assessments at the end of the year. Basic disconnect.
2 Suggestions for strengthening the construction of grassroots agro-technical extension project systems 2.1 Scientifically positioning and rationalizing the system 1) The public welfare functions of township agro-technical stations should be given promotion work. The business is guided by the county agricultural technology promotion center, and The management system of "combination of labor and management" mainly undertakes the introduction, demonstration and promotion of new agricultural technologies and new varieties of rural groups, agricultural situation monitoring, and the guidance of the "one village, one product" industry, and regular organization of farmer training and other public welfare work.
2) Agribusiness personnel should face the market and be responsible for their own profits and losses. However, they should adhere to professional ethics and be supervised and managed by the competent authorities.
3) Each village committee should specify a deputy director to supervise the promotion of agricultural science and technology. In order to reduce the burden on peasants, the deputy director shall be a part-time agricultural technician. Each villager team consists of a team leader and a farm technician. The business work of village and group agricultural technicians shall be assessed by the township agricultural technology station, and a year-end job evaluation reward system shall be implemented. The village team technicians must be served by villagers aged 25-45 with a good cultural foundation.
2.2 Increasing financial input It is recommended that governments at all levels start with basic work for the development of modern agriculture, and in accordance with the requirements of the Central Document No. 1, ensure that funds for agricultural extension organizations at all levels are operating normally, continuously improve the social status of agricultural technology extension workers, and configure necessary Science and technology education equipment and hardware facilities create necessary working and living conditions. Each promotion unit must also actively seek national investment projects to support the promotion of science and technology.
2.3 To establish a diversification promotion model 1) With the advantage of Yangling Agricultural Science City, cooperate with Northwest A&F University to integrate into the university promotion model, make full use of existing agricultural science and technology expert compound, introduce more advanced achievements and technologies, and develop large areas. demonstration.
2) The scientific research and promotion departments at all levels of cities and counties must work together to integrate the latest scientific and technological achievements and mature technologies. Under the coordinated organization of agricultural administrative departments at all levels, science and technology will be delivered through the establishment of demonstration parks and demonstration bases. Field top.
3) Give play to the role of farmers' professional associations and enterprises, promote the service of intermediary organizations through leading companies, introduce new achievements and new products, establish raw material production bases, and form a one-stop industrial chain for production and sales to promote the construction of “one village, one product”.
2.4 Strengthening farmers' training should depend on improving the scientific and cultural quality of the existing labor force, developing characteristic agriculture and advantageous industries, improving agricultural economic efficiency, attracting some middle-aged and young farmers to rely on the land to become rich, and establishing “to earn money in the cities and to earn income in rural areas. The concept of money.
2.5 Doing a good job of technical services According to the status quo of rural household-based operations, it is recommended to further improve unified technical services, such as mechanical farming, sending agricultural capital to rural areas, machine defense teams, harvester service teams, and other key technologies to achieve unified action. Services, individual households collect service fees, now that such self-employed households have emerged in the rural areas, we should take advantage of the situation. This avoids some of the technical deficiencies that farmers could not implement due to the lack of labor. Only by relying on the organization and coordination of village cadres and relying on the patience and enthusiasm of agricultural cadres for these tasks, can we really increase the rate of science and technology in the households and play an important role in agricultural modernization.

Attachment: List of Construction Projects for Basic Agricultural Technology Service Extension System

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