The young man asked the media to help him advertise that working harder than to work hard

The young man asked the media to help him to advertise that he was too hard to work as a worker. He was a diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-04-09

“You are the staff of the newspaper. Hello, please send my personal message in the newspaper. I have seen someone on the Internet who is being bred in Guangzhou and is a duck. To make a living, I would like to go to Guangzhou.” The reporter received this. When it was reported, it was really shocked. The reporter hopes to be a mischief together. However, with the deepening of the interview, the man named “Xu Xian in Huizhou” does have such an idea.
“Xu Xian in Huizhou” lives in Huiyang District, Huizhou City. His self-reported family name is Liu Qifu, claiming to be from the northeast. Liu Qifu said that after seeing reports that young men are engaged in sex work, he also wants to work in the industry and sends his personal information to the media. He told the Yangcheng Evening News reporter that because he did not find a way to find a rich woman, he wanted to publicize his personal information through the media and let more people know.
Asked why he was willing to do this, he said: "Because I have no money, I haven't had a girlfriend yet. Making friends and looking for a wife is asking for money. No one else will live with you." The reporter asked: Why not try to find other jobs? He said that he could not find it. He was too laborious to enter the factory. Because he saw something in the industry on the Internet and in books, he believed that the industry was coming fast. He even felt that there should be many people around the industry who were engaged in this industry. It was just because he had no way, he did not know anyone, and he did not. "Business" can be done, he would like to help him "business" through the media. Through this industry to make money to wife, in the future is not afraid to be known to his wife? Liu Qifu said that anyway, there is no money to find his wife now, it does not matter. If there is a wife later, she will not let her know.
Liu Qifu told reporters that he was 28 years old and did not read books. He came to Huizhou from the northeast of his hometown several years ago and has not found any good work. The motorbike driver who made the motorcycle will earn about 2,000 yuan a month when he earns a good job, and only 1,000 yuan when he earns a bad job. "A month's worth of 3,000 yuan (work) can't be found. A month's 1,000 yuan is also not found. He said.
Asked about the situation of his parents and family, he said that parents have no money at home and they now come out to work. They don't have much control over themselves. The reporter urged Liu Qifu to find some decent jobs. He said bluntly that he had not worked for a long time and the next step was to “find a rich woman.”
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