·The wheel pressure monitoring will become the standard for domestic passenger cars.

From January 1st, the national standard "Performance requirements and test methods for passenger car tire pressure monitoring system" began to be implemented. The passenger car tire pressure monitoring system is included in the mandatory installation category.

This means that the tire pressure monitoring system will gradually become the standard for passenger cars.

According to the national standard, the vehicle should be installed with TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) as required.

For passenger cars with a mid-range engine and an aspect ratio of 0.9 or less, the newly-applied model-approved model will be implemented on January 1, 2020, and models that have been approved for type approval will be implemented from January 1, 2021.

For other M1 vehicles, the new model-approved model has been implemented since January 1, 2019; the model that has been approved for type approval has been implemented since January 1, 2020.

That is to say, from January 1st, 2019, tire pressure monitoring will be mandatory on some models. From January 1st, 2021, all vehicles will be forced to install.

According to reports, the passenger car tire pressure monitoring system can not only be used as an active safety system, avoiding tire puncture accidents caused by excessive or too low tire pressure, but also prolonging tire service life, maintaining vehicle fuel economy and reducing suspension system. Wear and tear.

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