The time server installation and debugging are mainly divided into the following three steps

Arrange the antenna
Fix the white mushroom head to a relatively empty position on the roof (in principle, search for at least 4 satellite LCD panels).
The line was introduced into the engine room through the trunking.
2. Set the IP for the time server
The factory default IP, NTP1192.168.0.211, other interfaces and so on.
Method 1: Find a plug-in screen, one at the time server, and one at the computer. Log in to the IP address through the WEB page, enter the IP, gateway, and mask you want to set. Save and exit.
Method 2: Set the following figure through telnet, and click OK to enter the device.
Click OK to enter this page
Select 0, modify the desired IP, mask, gateway and other do not move, save and exit completed.
3 to the client synchronization time
Method 1: Open the windows time service, enter the time server IP in the following figure, and click Update Now. The time synchronization is successful.
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