The significance of amylose measured by amylose content meter

Amylose based on its superior performance and wide application prospects, and its content in the evaluation of food varieties and agricultural selection, breeding has practical significance, so the determination of amylose content of the method is very necessary. The invention of amylose content meter, the use of laser light source amylose content detector and CCD rice appearance quality image analysis and recognition software system is an innovative achievement, to fill the blank of China's instrumentation in the field of rice quality testing, as the first domestic , is an international advanced level.

Amylose content affects the food quality and appearance quality of foods, is closely related to food safety, and has a wide range of industrial uses. Studying amylose detection methods and techniques is of great significance to improving the market competitiveness of grain in China. Especially after China's accession to the WTO, research work becomes even more important. Since amylose is important, what are its application prospects and importance?

Amylose is widely used in many fields such as food, health care, materials, textiles, papermaking, packaging, and environmental protection. For example, amylose can be used as a food additive, thickener, fixative and coating agent, and can also be used Produce product protection layers that are well insulated from oxygen and grease. Of course, amylose is likely to cause rejuvenation, but it is possible to slow down and suppress the rejuvenation process and improve its utilization value by chemically modifying amylose.

Amylose content is an important factor affecting the grain quality and processing characteristics of grain. The content of amylose can be used as an important index to evaluate grain quality. In addition, the gelatinization, gelation, viscosity, solubility, swelling ability, digestibility, and resistance properties of the starch are also closely related to the amylose content. Therefore, the content of amylose has important significance for the rational processing of food, the rational use of starch, agricultural selection and breeding.

Food made with high amylose has preventive and adjuvant therapeutic effects on diabetes and colon cancer. It also has the effect of preventing the formation of gallstones and lowering cholesterol, and also has a very important application value in obesity foods.

High amylose is the best raw material for biodegradable plastics, because it has a wide range of raw materials, low prices, superior performance and lack of oil resources is a very effective way. As amylose has a special molecular structure and physicochemical properties, as well as unique nutritional functions, digestion characteristics and processing performance, it will have a wider range of application prospects.

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