The shortage of paraxylene in China in 2007 will further intensify

According to reports, the Chinese central government recently approved the Sinopec-Exxon Mobil and Saudi Aramco joint venture of Fujian Petrochemical's paraxylene project, which will invest US$ 485 million to build a production facility for paraxylene with a capacity of 700,000 tons/year. It is expected that the neighboring 800,000-ton/year ethylene plant will be put into production in early 2009. The Quanzhou PX project in Fujian is one of the major PX projects planned and constructed in China in the coming years. To meet the downstream PTA/PET industrial development needs, the Chinese government plans to build 6 large-scale PX projects with a total capacity of 4.3 million tons/year by 2010. Yes: Nanjing Jinling Petrochemical, Maoming Petrochemical, Quanzhou Fujian Petrochemical, Dalian Fujia Petrochemical, Huizhou CNOOC, Xiamen PX Project.
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In addition, the Chinese government also plans to expand the paraxylene plant capacity for Tianjin Petrochemical, Yangzi Petrochemical, Shanghai Petrochemical and Urumqi Petrochemical during the 11th Five-Year Plan and will add 1.83 million tonnes/year of new capacity. Of these projects, only Maoming Petrochemical's PX project will be put into production in 2007. This year, the shortage of paraxylene in China will be further exacerbated due to the limited increase in paraxylene production capacity and the rapid increase in downstream PTA demand.

China PX Supply and Demand Status (Unit: kt, as of February 2007)

In 2006, China imported 1.84 million tons of paraxylene, with major source countries being Japan and South Korea. Japan exported 856 thousand tons to China, accounting for 46.5% of total imports, and South Korea exported 770,000 tons to China, accounting for 42% of total imports. %. It is expected that China will import 2.7 million tons of paraxylene in 2007.

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