The principle and structure of non-woven melt-blown electrostatic generator equipment

Under the huge profits, a lot of speculators smelled the smell of money and swarmed into the local melt-blown cloth market. Small and medium-sized melt-blown cloth production enterprises experienced blowouts in a short period of time. Various chaotic phenomena are self-evident. Faced with this situation, China has successively issued policies to strictly control meltblown chaos, which will surely attack the government's bottom line. It has to be said that the meltblown fabric does create a lot of wealth-making myths, and it also makes it more difficult for blind investors to ride the tiger. Opportunities can send people to the tuyere or push them off the waves. But even if the market cools down, the demand for the melt-blown cloth market is still great.
China's research on meltblown technology is also early. In the late 1950s, the Second Institute of the Ministry of Nuclear Industry of China and other institutions began research in this area; in the early 1990s, China Textile University, Beijing Chaolun Company and other units designed Intermittent meltblown equipment has been put into production in the country nearly one hundred. Meltblown fabrics were mainly used in battery separators, filter materials, oil-absorbing materials and other fields. Due to the limitations of the domestic market, the market development of meltblown fabrics was slow and difficult.
The application market of meltblown, in addition to the two major categories of zhao filter materials and sound absorbing materials, other application fields including air filtration, wiping cloths, oil-absorbing cotton, liquid filtration, thermal insulation materials, etc. are all niche and narrower ,More Professional.
The non-woven melt-blown electrostatic generator equipment is composed of an electrostatic emitter (rod) and a DC high-voltage power supply. The DC high-voltage power supply provides a negative (or positive) high voltage to the electrostatic emitter (rod), causes the electrostatic emitter (rod) to emit negative electricity (or positive electricity), and then charges (artificially charge) objects (workpieces). The higher the voltage, the larger the effective range.

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