The petrochemical cooperation between the two sides is now being discussed further

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In recent years, Fujian has been committed to building a "large petrochemical province." As early as 2000, the petrochemical industry has been listed as one of the three pillar industries that Fujian has fostered. In the "Development Plan for the Economic Zone on the West Coast of the Taiwan Strait" approved by the State Council in 2011, it is proposed to rationalize the layout, extend and improve the petrochemical industry chain, and accelerate the construction of the Gulei Petrochemical Base in Meizhou Bay and Quzhou in accordance with the principles of base, large-scale and intensification. , Forming an important national Lingang petrochemical industrial base. Actively promote the deep processing and comprehensive utilization of petrochemicals to drive the development of upstream and downstream industries.

While Fujian Province accelerated the development of the petrochemical industry, the once brilliant Taiwan petrochemical industry encountered a development bottleneck. Zhou Huaixin, a supervisor of the Taiwan Petrochemical Society, once said in an interview with the media that the petrochemical industry in Taiwan has a highly developed and mature market. Since the downstream product processing, petrochemical intermediate raw materials and basic raw material production, and the upstream raw material refining, it has formed an interlocking and supporting system. Complete production system. However, labor shortages, high labor costs, and a small island market have hampered the development of the petrochemical industry in Taiwan.

Under the combined effects of various factors, the development of petrochemical industry in Taiwan is limited, and the relocation has become an inevitable trend. Fujian, separated by water, has become the first place to accept the relocation of Taiwan’s petrochemical industry due to its locational advantages, coupled with its emphasis on the development of the petrochemical industry. The cooperation between the two sides of the petrochemical industry has ushered in an opportunity.

In 2009, when Fujian Province Vice Governor Ye Shuangyu led a Fujian Economic and Trade Exchange delegation to Taiwan for economic and trade exchanges, the Fujian-Taiwan petrochemical industry jointly signed a memorandum of exchange and cooperation. According to the memorandum, the Taiwan Petrochemical Association will set up a special representative office in Quangang, Fujian. It is specifically responsible for organizing, coordinating and handling the cooperation of the Fujian-Taiwan petrochemical industry. The then Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Fujian Province, said that the signing of the memorandum will make the communication between Fujian and Taiwan petrochemical industry more smoothly, and lay the foundation for future deep cooperation.

When Su Shulin, governor of Fujian Province, led the Fujian-Taiwan Cooperation Exchange to Taiwan for economic, trade and cultural exchange activities, the industrial cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan became once again the focus of media attention. On March 26th, “Study on the Development of a Sino-Taiwanese Cooperative Development Food Fair”, Chen Wuxiong said that Su Shulin is an expert in the petrochemical industry and the petrochemical industry in Taiwan is facing difficulties. Now he has the opportunity to work under the leadership of the Hessian SAR, not only an extension of cross-strait relations. It is also a milestone for the sustainable development of the petrochemical industry in Taiwan.

Su Shulin said that the petrochemical cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan is now being discussed and prepared. The Gulei Petrochemical Base has been included in the Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan and is doing its preliminary plan. Su Shulin said that this year he will work hard to complete the feasibility study of the Gulei Petrochemical Base Project, verify the feasibility of economic feasibility, and make an environmental assessment. After the completion, it is expected to further finalize the case.

Exchanges between the two sides of Fujian and Taiwan are deepening, and the conditions for cooperation in the petrochemical industry are maturing. Regarding the next-step cooperation between the two sides, Ni Yuefeng spoke about his own opinions at this forum. He said that the two sides should jointly promote the upgrading of the petrochemical industry and must first cherish the opportunity. Cross-strait relations are enjoying a good opportunity for peaceful development and provide a rare opportunity for the development of the petrochemical industry on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. At the same time, the petrochemical industry between Fujian and Taiwan is highly complementary and has a good foundation for cooperation. Second, it must strengthen cooperation. Both Fujian and Taiwan have established smooth communication channels and formed a good cooperation mechanism. We must constantly improve this mechanism. Third, we must speed up planning. Through technological adjustments and improvement assessments, the project's expected progress will be guaranteed. Fourth, the environment must be protected. In the advancement and construction of petrochemical industry projects, the protection of the environment has always been the top priority and efforts have been made to build a petrochemical ecological park.

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