The melting area of ​​Arctic sea ice has increased dramatically

The United Nations meteorological agency said that the melting of Arctic sea ice has become even larger. This shows that the current climate change is very obvious. The report was summed up by the UN Meteorological Agency in Doha and Qatar during the climate change negotiations. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) stated that the melting of sea ice in the Arctic is an extreme and record-breaking phenomenon. This is evident in the case of the Earth’s climate change in 2012 because this year's drought destroyed almost two-thirds of the land in the United States, Western Europe, Russia, and southern Europe. On the other hand, the floods have flooded in West Africa. However, all this is due to the ice melting to a record low, especially in the Arctic from March to September, where the ice melts about 11,830,000 square kilometers, which is a larger area than the United States. The melting speed of ice and snow is amazing, and the changes in the ocean and the biosphere on Earth will slowly become apparent. The reason why this happens is because greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have reached a record high concentration increase. As of now, the temperature has risen by about 0.8°C.

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