The main symptoms of blood pus and its prevention and treatment

The main symptoms of blood-type pyoneosis: The etiology of the disease during the onset of different symptoms are different, mainly sleepless silkworm, silkworm, silkworm, high silkworm, pus silkworm, spot silkworm, Jiaozuo, black valve and other symptoms.

Control measures: 1. Strengthen the awareness of disease prevention of silkworm farmers. Vigorously promote the use of fresh lime powder and high-efficiency disinfectants such as Tetram for thorough disinfection of silkworm and silkworms. During the silkworm period, fresh lime powder is used for daily disinfection of silkworms and silkworms to reduce the chance of infection by silkworms. In the occurrence of blood-type pyosis, smoking can also be used to disinfect smoke Weiwei, to eliminate the mulberry mulberry on the nuclear polyhedra, suppression of silkworm infection, to prevent the spread of the disease spread. 2, strengthen sleep processing. Strictly and timely, in batches, the elimination of weak and small silkworms will reduce the incidence of silkworm infections. 3, to strengthen the satiated food. This measure not only enhances the resistance of silkworms, but also reduces the chance of wound infection. 4, the quality of good mulberry leaves. As the saying goes: "Disease enters from the mouth", in order to reduce the occurrence of silkworm disease, reasonable measures should be taken according to different climatic conditions, insisting on not eating dew leaves, spoiled place leaf or wet leaf, contaminated leaves, and encountering long-term high temperature and drought The days should eat wet leaves, that is, mulberry leaves with 3% -5% of fresh lime impregnated with water, dry feed silkworms. 5, rational treatment of diseases, dead silkworm body and silkworm sand. It is forbidden to directly enter the mulberry field or to dispose of it without treatment. The piled vinegar should be allowed to return to the field after fermentation. As for the morbidity of the blood type py the disease, the silkworm sand must never return to the mulberry field.


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