The history of the most luxurious electric sanitation car will lead the 2012 urban environmental protection new trend

In 2011, the International Energy Agency established a stable international oil market information system to promote a globally sound energy policy, improve global energy supply and demand structure, and coordinate member states’ environmental and energy policies. Car. In order to reduce carbon emissions, the International Energy Agency sets 20 million electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on the road by 2020, and the 2030 target is expected to double by more than 200 million. Director-General of the International Energy Agency, Mr. Tanaka, said that this new plan demonstrates the common determination and commitment of the government and the business community to make clean energy vehicles a reality. Efforts should be made to reduce carbon emissions by half in 2050 and reach the level of carbon emissions in 2005.

A survey of the natural environment in early December 2011 revealed that the average air pollution index in key cities in China is mostly between 60 and 130. The air in most cities has improved and is controlled at the “good” stage. However, experts pointed out that this situation is still a long way away from the goal of the International Energy Agency. In order to return to the point where the sky is blue, we must redouble our efforts. Efforts to develop environmentally friendly, low-carbon, and stylish electric vehicles, so that electric vehicles gradually replace cars, is an urgent need for the development of the times. From the market point of view, the demand for environmentally-friendly, low-carbon, economical, fashionable and fashionable electric vehicles is also rapidly rising, so the development of the electric vehicle industry is in full swing.

Market statistics show that electric vehicles will account for 10% of new car sales in the global market by 2020. With the deepening of the concept of environmental protection, the market will further increase the demand for environmentally friendly, low-carbon, and trendy electric vehicles. Big. The new models of electric three-wheel cleaning vehicles, electric four-wheel cleaning trucks and electric three-wheeled cleaning vehicles launched by Guangzhou Langqing Electric Vehicles Co., Ltd. ensure environmental protection and a low-carbon economy, while being novel and fashionable and deeply domestic Foreign markets are welcome. As a green and low-carbon industry that meets the scientific concept of development, the new energy electric vehicle is increasingly supported by the national electric car industry. It has been widely used in tour buses, patrol cars, golf carts, and sanitation cleaning vehicles. .

According to media reports in December, it was learned that after the 110th Canton Fair in November, Long Qingren invested human and material resources in the requirements of sanitation-related units and departments in various cities in China, and through the arduous efforts of scientific researchers, he finally launched this model. Electric luxury sanitation truck. According to industry insiders, this electric luxury sanitation car is the first time in the country. In this electric sanitation vehicle, experts pointed out that it is not only suitable for environmental sanitation, but also itself is environmentally friendly and low-carbon. It is a dual-environmental protection model. It is innovative and suitable for the trend. It is ahead of the same behavior and has great development prospects.

According to the person in charge of Langqing Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., the range of electric sanitation vehicles launched this time is complete. For example, electric three-wheel cleaning vehicles, electric four-wheel cleaning trucks, and electric high-pressure washing trucks are widely applicable and suitable for domestic large-scale applications. The city's sanitation needs. The Environmental Protection Bureau of Guangzhou City pointed out in its environmental work report in November that the introduction of electric sanitation vehicles in the country has very positive value for domestic urban environmental protection. The electric sanitation car itself is an environmentally friendly low-carbon car, which reduces the exhaust emissions of “swallowing and spitting” and does not cause secondary environmental pollution when it is doing environmental protection.

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