The guy helped the person to repair the house and made it difficult to reimburse the medical expenses.

Guys help people repair their homes to make it difficult to reimburse medical expenses good people raise funds to help diesel generators | diesel generators price / 2012-04-11

"The New Rural Cooperatives cannot be reimbursed, we give the report"
Numerous enthusiastic people raise funds for Wu Qingzhen’s reimbursement of medical expenses
On the 10th, the newspaper reported that Wu Qingzhen, a Liaocheng guy who helped people repair their houses and broke high, had already spent more than 100,000 medical expenses. The New Rural Cooperatives could not give reimbursement. After many social enthusiasts were informed, they all raised funds or donated money to help Wu Qingzhen “reimburse” medical expenses.
At noon on the 10th, the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau of the Luanping County (Shandong) brought in a low guarantee and a 3,000 yuan consolation fee to Wu Qingzhen’s family. The staff members worked on the site at Wu Qingzhen’s home and the following few forms required by the Dibao application were written by Wu Qingzhen. Fill in the post-audit file. From March onwards, Wu Qingzhen has received a minimum living allowance of RMB 95 per person per month, and a family of three has received a total of RMB 285 per month. "We will also try to help him in the future. The quilt coat needed for the winter will also send him some." The staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Fuping County said.
"The new rural cooperative medical insurance cannot be reimbursed for medical expenses. We report it to him." It was learned that more than 100,000 medical expenses that Wu Qingzhen had spent were not reimbursed by the New Rural Cooperatives. Many enthusiastic citizens have given their help. The college students at the Liaocheng University School of Physical Education initiated the “helping people find it difficult to reimburse high medical expenses, and college students donated money to help him cross the difficult barrier.” Many college students took money that they usually saved to donate for Wu Qingzhen. Wang Zhen, a sports student, said that after everyone saw the newspaper, he initiated a donation. The students in his dormitory soon donated nearly 200 yuan. “College students don’t have much money. Although they don’t have much money to donate, it’s just a matter of ours.” Wang Zhen said.
"Although the power is very limited, we can help him to calculate it a little bit. Since the policy is so indifferent, everyone has to accumulate a little with love." Mr. Li said that he also mobilized some relatives and friends around him to donate medicine for Wu Qingzhen. fee.
On the afternoon of the 10th, the medical staff of the Shandong Red Cross Intervention Hospital arrived in Liaocheng and learned about Wu Qingzhen’s condition and family situation, and approached the next treatment plan. The hospital initially decided to provide free treatment and relief to Wu Qingzhen to help him alleviate his pain.
On the 11th, the hospital will conduct an expert consultation for Wu Qingzhen to determine the next treatment plan.
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