The "green tide" at sea is expected to be transformed into new energy raw materials

Fudan University announced that the researchers of the university have successfully made the marine “green tide” large-scale seaweed enteromorpha caused by the eutrophication of the ocean water into bio-oil, which is expected to make it become the raw material for the manufacture of new energy.
Zhang Shicheng's research group of the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering at Fudan University after repeated research and exploration, using hydrothermal liquefaction process, in the hydrothermal conditions of 220 °C ~ 320 °C, after 10 to 30 minutes can transform Brassica mossica into bio-oil, the highest The yield can reach 23wt% (weight percentage).
The bio-oil produced by this process has a high calorific value of 28-30 MJ/kg, which can be directly used as low-grade fuel and can be further refined to obtain different levels of biomass liquid fuel or chemical products. Acetic acid-based water-soluble phase product can be used as a chemical raw material.
The hydrothermal liquefaction process simulates the natural formation geological conditions of fossil fuels and reacts in a high temperature and high pressure hydrothermal environment. The general reaction temperature is 200°C to 400°C. The conditions are relatively mild, the raw materials do not need to be dried, and the energy input is less. For aquatic plants such as Brassica, which have high water content, they have advantages that Other processes cannot match.
According to Professor Chen Jianmin, Fudan University made full use of environmental pollutants or by-products of environmental pollution control, prepared hydrothermal liquefaction technology for water plants using biomass liquid fuels, and transformed oil species such as water hyacinth, which is a good water purification species. Related work has applied for a number of invention patents.

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