The future development of China's paint industry focuses on four aspects

At the inaugural session of the China Coatings Industry High-level Forum, the "China Paint Industry's Outline of the 11th Five-Year Plan for Scientific and Technological Innovation Development" and the "China Coatings Industry Code" were issued one after another, indicating the direction of development for the Chinese coatings industry during the strategic transition period. And ideas. However, the author also learned that although China's paint industry continued to maintain rapid development in 2006, the output is expected to hit a record high and it has opened up for the 11th five-year period. However, there are still many problems in the development of the industry and the development is a long way to go. This forum also made an in-depth discussion on how to develop the industry. The author summarizes the following four points:

First of all, the industry management and management methods should be based on a strategic level of globalization and grouping. In order to improve the paint industry's current status of decentralization, small scale and low anti-risk capability, the industry should strengthen cooperation and jointly deal with competition. Enterprises should adhere to global and group development, promote brand-name strategies, and conduct business with integrity. They should strengthen the sharing of resources and information and increase the overall competitiveness of the industry. At present, the industry competition has jumped to intangible decision-making competition. Just as the director of the Tu Xie Association, Wang Hao, said that enterprises that have not failed in decision-making competition have only backward ideas. The majority of corporate decision-makers should think twice about overall operations, investment, mergers and acquisitions, and development routes, and take a strategic view of the overall situation.

Second, the intensity of technological innovation needs to be strengthened and the overall innovation capability needs to be improved. Coating companies should improve backward production equipment, increase product technology content and overall coating technology level, improve the construction of scientific and technological R&D and engineering technology development centers, and establish long-term cooperation mechanisms for scientific research and personnel training with scientific research institutes and institutions of higher learning. .

Third, environmental protection and safety should not be overlooked. The “China Coatings Industry Code” just released highlights the importance of environmental effects and safe production, developing low VOC content coatings and environmentally friendly water-based coatings to ensure that the production process is safe, smooth, and orderly, and that environmental standards are not met. However, the security inspections have been overseen and put under strict supervision, which has affected the normal production order.

Fourth, the structure of paint products needs improvement. Paint companies should actively change the single product structure, the proportion of medium and high-end products is small, most high-end products rely on the passive situation of imports, gradually eliminate product homogeneity, and enhance strategic awareness in decision-making, branding, information, intellectual property, and standard competition. Let national brands enter the world stage as soon as possible and seek greater development in competition with strong players.

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