The first three quarters of the entire diesel engine sales to achieve positive growth year-on-year stability in the forefront of the industry

Since 2015, the development of the automotive, agricultural equipment, and construction machinery industries under the “new normal” economy has slowed down, and the growth rate of investment in fixed assets has dropped. The diesel engine industry has been affected by this to enter the adjustment period. According to industry statistics, from January to September this year, domestic vehicle diesel engines sold 1.93 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 19.5%. In response to changes in the economy and the industry environment, Quanchai Group achieved stable growth through continuous product upgrades and structural adjustments. In the first three quarters, it achieved a total of 256,000 units of multi-cylinder diesel engines, representing a year-on-year increase of 0.5%, achieving positive growth. , Production and sales ranked the forefront of the industry.

The year-on-year growth of engine sales in the third quarter of Quanchai
The year-on-year growth of engine sales in the third quarter of Quanchai

At present, Quanchai is targeting the global high-end products, focusing on speeding up the development of four products in the six countries and non-road countries in the automobile industry, adjusting the product mix, changing the growth mode, promoting the continuous upgrading of products, and promoting the sustained and healthy development of the company.

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Machine features:

1. The frame of the machine adopts the overall welding and tempering manufacturing process to strive for better precision and strength.

2. This machine is equipped with long hair plucking device, which can reach the high speed of long brush and height of short brush.

3. This machine can be freely changed from the tufting machine to the tufting and drilling machine.

4. Human-machine touch screen control system, Chinese or English display, easy editing program,  flexible and convenient operation.

5. Parts are designed according to standardization, and the mouth, knife and needle are designed according to European standards; and all parts of the same series are intercommunicated.

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