The first supplier conference of Xi'an Cummins successfully concluded

Xi'an Cummins First Supplier Conference was held in Xi’an. Liu Xiaoxing, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Joint Ventures of Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Director of the Shaanxi Heavy Vehicle Co., Ltd., Chief Accountant, Deputy General Manager Zhou Wei, Cummins East Asia Peter Boyle, Director of Purchasing, International Purchasing Department & Chairman of the Joint Venture Company Purchasing Committee, Meng Jikui, General Manager of Xi'an Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., Wu Jianguo, Chief Operating Officer of Xi'an Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. and over 150 suppliers from more than 70 suppliers across the country attended the meeting.

Award-winning supplier representatives with Cummins high-level photo

Over 150 suppliers from across the country and Cummins executives look forward to the future

In 2010, Xi'an Cummins achieved a stunning breakthrough in production and sales. Chairman Liu Xiaoxing first expressed his thanks to the partner Shaanxi Heavy-duty Truck Co., Ltd. It was precisely because of mutual support in three years that Xi'an Cummins was able to live up to expectations and grow rapidly. The board of directors of Xi'an Cummins has signed the official documents for the second phase of production. The second phase of the project will begin to be established by the end of 2010. After completion, the annual production capacity will be doubled on the existing basis. Deputy deputy general manager Zhou Wei cited the sales of Shaanxi Heavy Duty truck heavy trucks with Xi'an Cummins ISM engine in the past three years, which has doubled year after year. Shaanxi Heavy-duty Trucks Co., Ltd. is confident that it will achieve 10,000 heavy truck sales of FC heavy trucks in 2010.

Wu Jianguo, chief operating officer of Xi'an Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. read the list of award-winning suppliers at the award ceremony for award-winning suppliers. Meng Qikui, general manager, and Peter Boyle, purchasing director of Cummins East Asia International Procurement Department, jointly presented prize photos for award-winning suppliers, encouraging and expecting a wide range of suppliers. Xi'an Cummins will play a more important role on the road to flourishing in the future, and Xi'an Cummins will go hand in hand to create success.

“Cooperation and win-win” is the theme of the conference. While encouraging and thanking some of the suppliers for excellent cooperation, it is even more important to share the current status of the company’s development and look forward to a better future with representatives of core suppliers. According to Meng Jikui, general manager of Xi'an Cummins, currently, Xi'an Cummins has won a good reputation in the domestic heavy truck market, orders continue, product applications cover heavy trucks, buses, special vehicles, construction machinery, generators and other fields, and gradually exported to Chile, Brazil, Indonesia and other countries. In the next three years, it is expected that the annual sales will exceed 50,000, which is a huge challenge for all Xi'an Cummins suppliers. The meeting hoped that all suppliers would be well prepared for the upcoming production and sales climax, and Xi'an Cummins to meet the challenges and share joy together. Xi'an Cummins will join hands with all suppliers to provide the most worry-free power experience for every ISM 11-liter engine user with high-quality accessories, economical prices, and timely services.

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