The first provincial chemical fertilizer reserve in Zhejiang settled in Taizhou

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China Drying Network News Zhejiang is a province with a shortage of fertilizers, especially after Zhenhai Refinery shut down urea in April 2009. The province's annual urea supply gap is as high as 600,000 tons or more, which requires long-distance transfer from other provinces. Fertilizer, as an important agricultural production material, has the characteristics of perennial production and seasonal use. It requires long-distance transportation, high cost, and uncertainties in transportation. It is often difficult to ensure adequate supply during the peak season. Therefore, off-season reserves are particularly important. important.

The province's first provincial chemical fertilizer reserve in preparation for construction is located at the intersection of Donggang Avenue and Weisan Road in Jiaojiang District of Taizhou City. The total land area is 41.08 mu and the total investment is 50 million yuan. The Zhejiang Provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperative and the Taizhou Supply and Marketing Cooperative established the Taizhou Agricultural Assets Logistics Co., Ltd. After it is completed, up to 40,000 tons of chemical fertilizers can be stored at the same time, which will effectively stabilize the market price of fertilizers during the peak season. At present, the reserve bank has entered the program design stage and it is expected that it can be started at the end of the year and it can be put into use next year.

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