The first pilot production of China Shipbuilding Mitsui Co., Ltd.

The 7K90MC-C6 diesel engine manufactured by Shanghai Zhongchuan Sanjing Shipbuilding Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. was put into trial production on July 10th at the China Shipbuilding Mitsui Diesel Engine Manufacturing Base of Shanghai Lingang New City Industrial Zone Heavy Equipment Industrial Zone. It is reported that this is the first diesel engine manufactured by CSSC Mitsui Co., Ltd., which indicates that China's largest marine high-power low-speed diesel engine manufacturer has begun to release its strong production capacity.

The 7K90MC-C6 is a 3500TEU container ship built for Shanghai Shipyard Ship Co., Ltd. It is scheduled to be assembled in August this year, submitted in early September and delivered in mid-October. By the end of this year, CSSC Mitsui plans to deliver three diesel engines, totaling 100,000 horsepower. At present, the company has full orders and production tasks are scheduled to be in 2010.

CSMC Mitsui Co., Ltd. is jointly invested by CSSC, Mitsui Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and Hudong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., and has the capability to produce marine high-power low-speed diesel engines with a bore of 600 mm or more. It can manufacture the world's largest 14K108ME- C-type diesel engine can meet the matching needs of 12,000 TEU container ship diesel engines.

The company has a registered capital of 480 million yuan and is planned to be constructed in two phases with a total investment of more than 2 billion yuan. The first phase plans to complete the civil construction and equipment installation and commissioning work this year, and will eventually have the capacity of 1.7 million horsepower per year, becoming the largest marine high-power diesel engine manufacturer in China. After the completion of the second phase, the company's annual production capacity of diesel engines It will reach 3 million horsepower and become the core and backbone of China's marine diesel engine manufacturing.

As of the end of June, the main infrastructure projects of CSSC Mitsui Co., Ltd., including pre-installed workshops, large-scale workshops, assembly workshops, auxiliary machine rooms, and assembly centers, have all been completed. At present, the rectification work is being completed according to the acceptance requirements; It has been basically completed; the construction of the research building has been completed 68%; the construction of the production auxiliary area has been completed by about 90%.

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