The first catamaran electro-pushing system of the 71st was successfully completed the mooring test

Recently, the first Shanghai 71 Lingyao Company used a large domestic catamaran electric push system to successfully complete the mooring test according to the plan. The project delivery work started on June 30th and completed all the work on August 15th. It is planned to conduct the navigation test at the end of August.
The project team overcomes the difficulties of poor on-site conditions, tight time nodes, and technical difficulties. During the equipment commissioning process, the project team actively communicates with shipowners, shipyards, ship inspections and equipment service providers to deal with problems arising from joint debugging of various types of equipment. In the process of finding problems and solving problems, the project team members accumulated a wealth of on-site debugging experience, laying a solid foundation for the company to undertake the next electric push project.
It is reported that electric propulsion technology has become an important direction for the development of the world's shipbuilding industry by virtue of its energy saving, environmental protection, low noise and excellent maneuverability, maneuverability and reliability. Seventy-one Shanghai Lingyao Company focused on the development trend of today's ship power system and boldly tried the ship electric power propulsion market, laying a certain foundation for the future to open up a larger market.

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