The end of the year, the momentum of the auto market is increasing

"The new car, upgrade car upgrade, price promotions followed, buy buy eyeballs, and after-sales service to stabilize the people." Yangcheng Evening News reporter recently visited a number of automotive 4S shop in Shanghai learned that in order to complete the annual sales tasks, a variety of forms The endless stream of promotional activities, concessions and profit sharing has attracted a lot of consumer attention, and then catch up with the growing demand for the market at the end of the year, the purchase tax preferential policies are about to end, making the Shanghai auto market at the end of the impulse atmosphere is particularly strong. On the other hand, new energy vehicles that have been selling well have faced the problem of “empty window period” policies at the end of the year, and some new energy car companies have not dared to sell cars.

Pushing new cars to throw old money to motivate buyers

An important factor in the arrival of the auto season is that at present, various storefronts offer a wide range of discounts. “Now we mainly want to be able to take capacity. If you happen to catch up with the last few of our impulse missions, the magnitude may be even greater.” Mr. Zhou, a 4S shop sales consultant for a joint venture vehicle on Hongmei Road in Minhang District, told reporters that distribution The company hopes to increase its sales volume by December 31 so as to obtain more rebates and higher authority from manufacturers in the coming year.

At the end of the year, it has always been the peak season for car sales. According to the reporter's visit, while the current auto market has increased sales, the dealers and manufacturers have given a lot of discounts, especially for family vehicles with 100,000 to 50,000 yuan, and at least 3,000. Yuan, more than ten million yuan, not counting the various decorations presented by the 4S shop. Industry analysts said that the end of the year, the dealer's intention at the end of the impulse is obvious. "If you don't sell at a discount now, it may be a new model that consumers pay for."

The personage inside the industry also said that the current price reductions and gifts are no longer staged, but they are every day, just like discounts and rebates on shopping malls. On the one hand, it shows the cruelty of the auto market competition. On the other hand, it also shows that auto marketing is still rather impetuous and lacks more innovative strategies and methods.

The rush toward new models is also a normal manifestation of the consumer market. Following the launch of a number of first-generation new cars at the Guangzhou Motor Show in late November, manufacturers have begun to intensively launch a number of new and upgraded models in the market since December, including a variety of current hot models or competitions of the same level. Model.

The reporter learned that although some models may not have large price cuts, they will introduce some better loan programs, post-sale maintenance items, etc. Different car brands have different approaches.

Some new energy car companies can not sell cars

According to the "Beijing News" report, recently, there are rumors that the 2018 new energy vehicle subsidies will accelerate the retreat, and there is a new subsidy standard, which shows that new energy vehicles, especially pure electric vehicles subsidy threshold Once again, the pure electric vehicles with long mileage and high battery efficiency can obtain higher subsidies.

In Shanghai’s new energy vehicle market, reporters found that during the weekend, some dealers entered the “half-closed” state from mid-November. Mr. Li, a 4S store sales manager for a new energy vehicle on Xinzha Road in Jing’an District, said: “Because the preferential policies for new energy vehicles have not come out in 2018, this will have a certain impact on sales of new energy vehicles. Consumers and businesses are all waiting to see. In the situation."

Generally speaking, according to industry insiders in Shanghai, based on past experience, users purchased more new energy vehicles at the end of the year, and fully considered the processing time required for new energy vehicles from the point of application for qualification to the completion of registration, and for the end of the year. Not be able to keep up with the completion of the registration of vehicles users, it is recommended not to rush to issue vehicle sales invoices (car purchase invoices and on the date of licensing if not in a natural year, apply for subsidies to the country may have operational difficulties), individual cities to fill from the application to the smooth It takes a long time to obtain a license. Before the 2018 policy was introduced, some dealers have entered the state of suspension from November.

Obviously, from the perspective of sales this year, with the free Shanghai brand policy for new energy vehicles and the gradual increase in the quality of car products, consumers in Shanghai have slowly accepted new energy vehicles.

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