The development of the national modern agricultural demonstration zone has achieved remarkable results.

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] Cracking agricultural products difficult to sell, difficult to finance loans, business risks and other development problems, strengthening the construction of agricultural products brand is the key to promoting the process of agricultural modernization, this is the country held on December 12-14 At the training course on agricultural reform and construction pilot work in the Modern Agriculture Demonstration Zone, the consensus was reached from the leaders of 25 agricultural reform and construction pilot demonstration zones and agricultural experts.

The development of the national modern agricultural demonstration zone has achieved remarkable results.
Comprehensive credit rating to solve loan financing problems
The deep development of modern agriculture and the transformation and upgrading of the rural economy urgently require financial support. The reform and innovation credit service in Jiangyan District of Taizhou, Jiangsu Province has become a vital part of local agricultural development.
“Before, many rural business entities did not have complete financial statements or information materials that could prove their benefits. This is the main reason for the difficulty of loans.” Ji Shenghua, an engineer at the People’s Bank of China’s Jiangyan Branch, said that in order to solve the loan problem, in 2014, Jiang Yan The district committee and district government developed and built a credit rating system for rural new-type business entities, and rated the comprehensive credits of four business entities, including farmers, large-scale farmers, professional cooperatives and leading agricultural industrial enterprises, for banking institutions to lend and not lend, Less loans, more loans, and loan pricing provide information support.
“Since the system went online, the effect has been obvious. We have already issued 148 million yuan loans to 274 operators.” Liu Shengjin, deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China, said that the system integrates the agriculture, industry, tax, electricity, social security, Public security, courts, market supervision and information collection of 15 financial institutions have successfully imported more than 23,000 pieces of data information from 1,260 new business entities, eliminating information asymmetry between banks and loan farmers, and greatly solving the difficulty of loans. The problem.
"Smart" service for farmers to quickly solve practical difficulties
In order to realize the effective connection between the scale operation main body and the social service main body, solve the problem of land use for family farm facilities, accelerate the pace of application of science and technology, and achieve the purpose of increasing green production and increasing costs, Jiangyan District relies on agricultural service complex and joint agriculture for comprehensive development. Four cooperatives, such as service, agricultural machinery, plant protection, grain and oil production and sales, set up four service points, including unified allocation of agricultural materials, new professional farmers training, smart agricultural application demonstration, and financial support for agricultural insurance, providing multiple levels for joining family farms. Comprehensive service.
At the site of the Xiaoyang Family Farm Service Alliance in Qiaotou Town, the staff demonstrated the service flow of the “Agriculture and Animal Husbandry” intelligent agricultural service platform for the visitors. On this platform, all family farmers, agricultural service enterprises, and agricultural technicians can publish problems that they cannot solve through SMS, pictures, voice, video, etc. Within two hours, government agricultural experts will answer them online. At the same time, the publisher can also answer other people's questions based on their own experience. In addition, product supply and demand information can also be published and traded on the platform. Experts at the meeting said that this method broke the time and space constraints and realized the effective interaction between farmers and governments, experts and farmers, farmers and farmers. The connection between supply and demand also promoted the realization of functions such as agricultural big data.
In addition, Jiangyan District has explored and explored six aspects of the cultivation of family farms, the integration of capital construction parks, the promotion of order production and sales, the expansion of financial support channels, the improvement of insurance security, and the innovation of comprehensive services for agriculture. Become a “replicable” experience in promoting the development of agricultural modernization.
The effect of the demonstration area is remarkable. Nearly 100 counties and cities have basically realized agricultural modernization.
The innovation system promoted by Jiangyan District has also promoted the rapid development of local agriculture and economy. According to reports, compared with the initial stage of the pilot, Jiangyan District has a moderate scale of operating area of ​​632,000 mu, accounting for 84.2%; the average grain yield is 497.4 kg, an increase of 9.4 kg, respectively, higher than the province and the country 59.7 kg, 131.9 kg; farmers The per capita disposable income was 16,182 yuan, an increase of 3,954 yuan, an average annual increase of 11.2%.
The rapid development of Jiangyan District is not a case. Since the establishment of the National Modern Agriculture Demonstration Zone in 2013, nearly 100 counties and cities have basically realized agricultural modernization. According to the data from the Development Planning Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, the current proportion of effective irrigated area of ​​farmland in China, the contribution rate of agricultural science and technology progress, and the comprehensive mechanization rate of major crop cultivation and harvesting reached 52%, 56% and 63%, respectively, and the coverage rate of improved varieties exceeded 96%. The proportion of moderately-scale operations in various forms exceeds 1/3. In this regard, industry experts predict that agricultural modernization has entered a new era of echelon realization. In the next five years, the developed coastal areas, the suburbs of large cities, and the relevant counties and cities in large-scale urban areas will also be basically realized.
It is understood that the Ministry of Agriculture is promoting the construction of a series of experimental demonstration platforms, establishing food production functional zones, important agricultural product production protection zones, and actively standardizing the pilot work, modeling the pilot practices, institutionalizing the pilot content, and piloting the project evaluation. Give play to the role of the national modern agricultural demonstration zone and the pilot zone for sustainable development, so as to rapidly promote the development of China's agricultural modernization.
(Original title: How to crack the agricultural development problem in the National Modern Agriculture Demonstration Zone)

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