The big crane descends into the funeral team on the downhill section causing 1 death and 2 injuries

Heavy crane fell into the funeral team on the downhill section of the road causing 1 dead and 2 injured diesel generators | diesel generator prices / 2012-06-27

At 11:20 a.m. yesterday morning in Sanhe Village, Luoxi Township, Luojiang District, when some villagers returned to the village after burial, a crane suddenly rushed down the slope and the 56-year-old villager Lai Mousheng was hit and died on the spot. . The villagers Lai Mou and Lai Moi-huai were also injured. They were then sent to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University for emergency treatment. They are not out of danger. At present, the Luojiang traffic police brigade has been involved in investigating the cause of the accident.
At the scene of the accident, a large crane stopped at the road near the village road junction, leaving more than 20 meters of brake marks behind the crane. The body of the deceased Lai Mousheng was lying beside the right wheel of the big crane and his relatives cried.
The villagers introduced that yesterday morning, more than 300 villagers were buried for the elderly in the village. On the way back, everyone was walking down the right side of the road. Suddenly, a large crane quickly rushed down the slope and the villagers evaded. The big crane first hit two motorcycles on the side of the road. Then Lai Mousheng, who did not dodge, was rolled under the wheels. Lai Mou and Lai Moi-huai were also knocked down. The big crane did not stop until it hit the two cement roadsides on the side of the road. Lai Mousheng was killed on the spot. Lai Mou, who was seriously injured, and Lai Moi-Bai’s father and son were rushed to hospital for emergency treatment.
The reporter learned from the hospital that the 62-year-old Lai Mou turned to multiple fractures in his body and the 40-year-old Lai Mouhuai had brain injury that was not out of danger. Luojiang traffic police brigade police said that crane drivers have been investigated in the brigade.
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