Tesla's landing in China is waiting for the price and the best time for China?

"The negotiations between Tesla and the Shanghai Municipal Government are still in progress." According to informed sources, it was only because Tesla was too expensive and was temporarily stranded.

However, rising market capitalization is likely to accelerate Tesla's domestic process. According to foreign media reports on April 4th, Beijing Tesla's market value rose to 49.4 billion US dollars, surpassing the market value of the old car company Ford 44.8 billion.

"The rising market value will give Tesla a greater enthusiasm and more chips to negotiate with the Chinese local government, which is likely to accelerate the domestic process." According to informed sources.

At the same time, the industry environment is the driving force behind Tesla's domestic production. In fact, although the new forces are making a strong momentum, as the automobile industry, production is still a problem that new power-making enterprises must face. On April 9, Weilai Automobile chose a second place outside Jianghuai. The partners signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Changan and planned to establish a joint venture company to carry out cooperation in the whole industry, such as research and development, production, sales and service.

Shanghai Lingang twists and turns

It is not unfounded for Tesla to settle in Shanghai. The reporter learned from people familiar with the matter that Tesla’s negotiations with the Shanghai government started as early as two years ago. According to informed sources, Tesla's domestically produced projects in China are comparable in size to Nevada's factories in the United States.

According to media reports, Tesla's Gigafactory in Nevada is still very mysterious, covering an area of ​​13.6 million square feet. After its completion, Tesla will become one of the largest physical building structures in the world. Greatly increase the production capacity of Tesla electric vehicles.

According to informed sources, Tesla chose to leave Hong Kong in Shanghai because the investment in Lingang is directly responsible for Shanghai, and the policy is relatively better. In addition, Tesla’s requirements for the factory are beyond the scope of other regions. The area of ​​the plot given.

However, Tesla’s negotiations with Shanghai are full of twists and turns. According to informed sources, the most critical reason is that Tesla’s conditions are too high. However, there is another saying that Tesla's domestic production was not finalized because of its loss last year.

Tesla's fourth quarter and full-year financial results show that its net loss for the full year of 2016 still reached 675 million US dollars, which makes Tesla's domestic production a suspense.

Great reversal accelerates domestic production?

Since 2003, Tesla has been established for 14 years. Although it has produced the best pure electric production car on the market, in the past ten years, the most important problems faced are unrealistic and simple: lack of money. .

However, the reversal began in the first quarter of this year. According to foreign media Beijing time on April 4, the market value of Tesla has surpassed the market value of the established auto company Ford.

At the close of local time on April 3, Tesla's share price broke through $300 for the first time and reached a record high. On the 3rd, Tesla's share price soared to $304, closing at $302.8, an increase of 4.3%.

This means that Tesla shares have risen by more than 50% so far in less than five months since the announcement of the solar company SolarCity in November last year. The surge in stock prices has caused Tesla's market value on April 3 to continue to expand to $49.4 billion, approaching GM's $51.4 billion market capitalization, narrowing the gap to $2 billion, and Ford's current market value is $44.8 billion, less than Tesla.

As a newcomer to the Silicon Valley electric vehicle industry, Tesla has replaced Ford, which has been around for a full 100 years, and is the second-largest automaker in the United States by market capitalization. It can be said that this is the latest sign that the automotive industry is undergoing a major change.

The best time in China?

"It should be said that this is the best time for Tesla to make it." The industry believes. The increase in market value means that Tesla has more domestically negotiated confidence.

However, the person also reminded Tesla that the request was too high and that there was a certain risk in waiting for the price.

New car manufacturers like Tesla have realized the importance of domestic production. In the construction capacity, I hope to launch the market in the first place.

Weilai Automobile has signed contracts with Jianghuai and Changan respectively, and Weimar Motor held the foundation stone laying of the Weimar New Energy Automobile Intelligent Industrial Park in Wenzhou's Minjiangkou Industrial Cluster in November last year. Aichi Yiwei is also investing in a production plant in Shangrao Economic and Technological Development Zone in Jiangxi.

As an automobile company, if the production capacity cannot keep up, in addition to the difficulty of controlling the cost, the most fundamental problem lies in the control of the quality control system. This is also the main reason why the new forces of light assets in the early stage built cars and eventually embarked on the road of self-built factories.

In addition, for Tesla, although the first-mover advantage has been achieved, it is difficult to say how long the lead can last. The new forces with the same Internet background are already in the air. The first pure electric vehicle of Weimar is expected to be launched in 2018. It may have long-term black technology such as long battery life and fast charging, and the first volume of Weilai Automobile. The production car will also be unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show.

In addition, Tesla is also facing the pressure of traditional car transformation. For Ford, for example, Ford CEO Mar Fields has promised to launch autonomous vehicles in 2021; GM's transformation strategy has also been opened.

Previously, Wang Xiaoqiu, the vice president of the SAIC Group, said that he would launch the civilian "Tesla". If Tesla does not quickly reduce the cost and expand sales, its first-mover advantage is likely to be surpassed by the latecomers.

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