Technology upgrade X-ray detector research has new results

[ Instrument Network Instrument Development ] X-ray high-sensitivity detection is widely used in medical, security and industrial testing applications, such as X-ray chest X-ray, CT imaging and X-ray safety inspection in airports.
In the use of X-rays, X-ray detectors play an important role in converting X-ray energy into electrical signals for recording. Usually the intensity of the ray signal received by the detector depends on the density of the tissue at the site being probed. High-density tissue detectors receive weaker signals; for denser tissue, the detectors receive stronger signals.
However, in practice, scientists have also found that traditional detectors have some shortcomings: this method of using X-rays to convert X-rays into visible light and then detecting them by conventional silicon-based visible light detectors is not only inefficient, but also It is easy to influence the imaging resolution because of the thickness of the luminescent scintillator. How to improve the sensitivity of the detector and reduce the imaging resolution limited by optical crosstalk has become the direction of scientists' efforts.
Recently, the High-Tech Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology has received good news, saying that an X-ray detector with high sensitivity and low detection limit has been produced by the Yang Lan team of Zhejiang University.
This new X-ray detector is based on a semiconductor material. The research team, under the support of the national key research and development program “Nanotechnology”, reported a semiconductor material similar to perovskite structure, which has high X-ray absorption efficiency and carrier collection. Efficiency, its characteristic anisotropic layered structure, also helps to achieve efficient migration and collection of carriers in the direction of signal collection while suppressing lateral diffusion. Because of this characteristic of the semiconductor material, the lateral diffusion current in the X-ray detector imaging array is suppressed, and the electrical crosstalk between the signals is reduced, thereby achieving higher resolution imaging.
It is understood that the detection sensitivity and the minimum detection limit of this X-ray detector exceed the currently available amorphous selenium direct X-ray detector. In the future, the X-ray detector may be used in X-ray imaging systems for medical, security and industrial non-destructive testing equipment, allowing us to obtain clearer images with less radiation. Let us look forward to it.
(Source: High Technology Research and Development Center)

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