Technology innovation Foton Resa to push LNG power mixer

The National "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" clearly stated that we should do green development and build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society. Today, the development of green new energy is not only an inevitable requirement for achieving social and economic benefits, but also a responsibility of the construction machinery industry. In response to the country's green advocacy for the automotive use environment, Foton Resa actively invests in new energy technology research and development, and strives to upgrade product technology and innovation. Recently, Foton Resa's upcoming LNG natural gas powered mixer truck combines high-end technology and green energy advantages. Compared to Foton's Lesa IV 52m pump truck launched in 2011, Foton's Lhasa LNG natural gas mixer will undoubtedly further enrich its environmental protection product lineup. It is a new start for Foton Resa to practise energy saving and environmental protection in mixer products. , will also be for the Foton Reza leading industry casting "green city" paved the road to success.

LNG New Energy Applications - New Trends in Environmental Protection In 2011, the sales revenue of the construction machinery industry exceeded RMB 500 billion, making it one of the fastest growing industries in the machinery industry. However, due to the heavy use of construction machinery, high fuel consumption, poor discharge, and serious pollution, it is imperative to choose suitable green energy instead of traditional energy sources. According to experts, LNG is a clean, efficient energy source. Replacing fuel oil with LNG can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 90% and nitrogen oxide emissions by 80%, effectively reducing PM2.5 emissions, and has obvious environmental benefits. It is a premium alternative fuel for automobiles.

As a sustainable clean energy source, LNG has significant environmental and social benefits. The relevant agencies predict that by 2020, China can add more than 3 trillion cubic meters of recoverable natural gas reserves, and the cumulative recoverable reserves of natural gas can reach more than 6 trillion cubic meters. The annual output of natural gas will increase from the current 70 billion cubic meters to 120 billion cubic meters - 150 billion cubic meters, with obvious advantages in reserves. In terms of market share, at the end of 2011, China had nearly one million natural gas vehicles. Among them, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) vehicles are gaining more and more attention, and they are growing at an average annual rate of 20%. By the end of this year, they are expected to exceed 70,000 vehicles. It is estimated that at the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the number of Chinese LNG filling stations can reach 5,000 to 6,000. The above data shows that the conditions for the use of LNG vehicles have become increasingly stable, and the environmental protection of power and energy has become a general trend.

Practicing New Energy Applications – Fotos Ressa strives to become a pioneer in environmental protection In order to respond to national advocacy and vigorously develop green and new energy sources, Foton is aiming to break the traditional power source, and has achieved a foundation in technology research and development compared to other brands in the industry. It is reported that as the big tree behind Foton Resa, Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. recently signed 90 BJ6180C8CTD V emission standard LNG bus sales contracts with Beijing Public Transport Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. Foton Motor has pre-empted the development of new power sources. In view of this, Futian Resa is backed by Foton Motor's R&D foundation for LNG natural gas power, developing and applying its own technology, and launching LNG (liquefied natural gas)-type mixers adapted to environmental protection requirements to lead the industry in exploring new green and energy-saving fields. Constantly challenge the limits of technology and provide more value for customers.

It is reported that the Foton LNG (liquefied natural gas) mixer truck will break through the past power energy, and strive to achieve high efficiency and environmental protection. Compared with the previous CNG energy, it has the following advantages: First, the natural gas is further purified and the purity is higher in the liquefaction process. Can reduce the corrosiveness to the engine; Second, increase the energy storage density, the volume is 1/625 of the standard state, it is 3 times that of CNG storage, the driving range is 300-400 kilometers; Third, because of LNG car bottle The storage pressure is only 1.6Mpa, which is safer than CNG's 20Mpa storage pressure, and the use and management cost is low. Both the inside and outside of the LNG vehicle-mounted bottle storage vessel are made of high-quality stainless steel, and there is no corrosion phenomenon. Fourth, LNG is convenient. Transport economically and reliably over long distances and build LNG vehicle refueling stations unaffected by natural gas pipelines. On land, a 52-cubic-liter LNG (equivalent to 35,000 Nm3 natural gas) transport semi-trailer can transport LNG as much as gasoline and diesel. It is sent to the LNG refueling station so that LNG stations and LNG vehicles can be promoted in major cities throughout the country. With the rising oil price, Foton Resa natural gas powered mixer trucks will save costs for customers, increase work efficiency, and achieve its purpose of “creating maximum value for customers”. In the future, more and more merchants will also be acquired in the industry. Recognition.

Since its inception, Foton Riesa has always pursued innovative technologies. Keeping up with the national policy orientation, vigorously develop green energy-saving technologies and incorporate the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection into product design. The LNG (liquefied natural gas) mixer truck is the product of the combination of green technology innovation and application and corporate sustainable development strategy. It is in line with the development trend of the industry and will surely win more markets and customers for Foton Resa. Accredited.

Fukuda Resas is a volunteer who assists mixed industries to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, and is courageous to face challenges and innovation. In the future, the responsibilities and mission of Foton's Renesas people are to continue to bring more energy-saving products to the blended market with passion and passion, create more value for customers, and continuously introduce new products, which will inevitably lead the industry to create a new trend of environmental protection in the industry.

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