Talking about the Application of "72 Variations" in Small Metal Detectors

The past and present of metal detectors

The world's first metal detector was born in 1960. In the industrial era, the first metal detectors were also mainly used in industrial and mining industries. They are effective tools for checking the purity of minerals and improving their efficiency. With the development of society, criminal cases have risen. In 1970, the metal detectors were introduced into a new application area - security inspection, which is the prototype of metal detectors we use today. Its appearance means that human perception of security has entered a new era.

The emergence of a product has led to the development of an industry, and security inspection, which is both strange and familiar, has begun to enter the market. More than 40 years have passed, metal detectors have undergone several generations of detection technology changes. From the initial signal simulation technology to continuous wave technology until today's digital pulse technology, the simple principle of magnetic field cutting of metal detectors has been introduced into a variety of science and technology. Achievements. Whether it is sensitivity, resolution, detection accuracy or work performance has a qualitative leap. The application area has also extended to many industries with the improvement of product quality.

In the 1970s, with the rapid development of the aviation industry, the occurrence of hijackings and dangerous incidents made aviation and airport security more and more important. Therefore, the metal detector gates played an important role in the investigation of prohibited items in many airport airport facilities. Also in the 1970s, due to the emergence of metal detection gates in airport security inspections, metal detection gates were indispensable for security inspections in large-scale games (such as the Olympics) exhibitions and the security of important government departments.

Since the 1980s, prison violence has been on a linear upward trend. How to prevent and prevent violence as early as possible has become a top priority in prison management. While relying on police officers to strengthen management of prisoners, metal detection doors have become U.S., Britain, Belgium, and other developed countries’ prison management agencies required security screening equipment to form an average of one metal detection gate for every 300 inmates for security. At the same time, the rise of the “treasure hunt” in the West also made handheld devices Portable metal detectors have made great progress.

In the 1990s, the rapid heating of the electronics manufacturing industry became the darling of this era. In order to reduce product loss and end the embarrassing situation between employees and the company, large electronics companies successively adopted metal detection doors and hand-held metal detectors as management staff. Behavior, reducing the loss of product edge. So the metal detector has its new role - product security.

After the 9.11 incident, counter-terrorism became an important issue for the international community. The bombings and terror campaigns have made terrorists the targets that countries’ security agencies have vowed to crack down on. At this time, the international community’s awareness of “security precautions” has also been mentioned to a new height. Affected by the 9.11 incident, the deployment of security work strengthened by all walks of life was affected by this, and the application fields of metal detectors also successfully penetrated into other industries.

With the vigorous development of the domestic security industry, in the field of security inspection, the development, production and promotion of metal detector products have made great progress in recent years. Since 2005, important examinations at all levels of provinces and cities, such as the national postgraduate entrance examination, etc., have prevented the use of mobile phones and other tools for cheating. For the first time, these examination rooms have introduced a new type of instrument—a metal detector. This kind of instrument can discover the mobile phones, pagers and other items that candidates can carry with them. The candidates must first pass the “detection pass” before entering the examination room.

At the same time, with the continuous development of the civilian security market, detectors have appeared in areas such as transportation, medical care, food, security, firefighting, and infrastructure. Small metal detectors have also been given more applications today. .

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