Taiyuan excellent special Bioko voltage transformer project won the first prize of science and technology

Recently, China Electrotechnical Society held in Beijing in 2012 China Electrotechnical Society Science and Technology Award and the electrical industry - Chint Technology Awards presentation. At the meeting, the voltage transformer secondary voltage drop wireless tester project developed by the general manager and technical director Cao Rui of Taiyuan Yoteikeo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yuute Aoke") won the honor of "China Electrotechnical Society" First Prize; Cao Rui I also won the Chint Technology Achievement Award. It is understood that China Electrotechnical Society Science and Technology Award is approved by the State Ministry of Science and Technology established the only award of domestic electrical discipline, but also China's electrical science and technology industry's highest award. Uteco is a manufacturer of intelligent monitoring and control equipment, specializing in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of high-end electric energy and power quality measuring instruments and their application software, and their research capacity in the field of energy and power quality measurement and control in the country With the industry-leading level. As the first winner of the award-winning project, Cao Rui responsible for the overall program design and development of the underlying algorithm. Cao Ruiwei is a professor-level senior engineer, a senior member of the China Electrotechnical Society, a senior member of the IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in the United States, a member of the Embedded Systems Branch of China Software Industry Association, a director of China Metrology and Measurement Society, the main drafter of the national standard "standard watt-hour meter" , In the field of domestic electrical measurement has a high reputation. All along, the secondary voltage drop measurement of voltage transformers at home and abroad are carried out through a wired way, from the installation of voltage transformers running in the power plant or substation to the meter in the control room at the laying of a few tens of meters Temporary cables to a few hundred meters. That is time-consuming and laborious, and the operation is dangerous, and even cause voltage transformer secondary short circuit. The award-winning voltage transformer secondary voltage drop wireless tester project uses Cao Rui invention of the five patented technology, through wireless testing, a good balance of safety, measurement accuracy and ease of use, while having Strong anti-interference ability and long-distance communication capabilities, is an international first product, has been identified to the international advanced level, for the field test of voltage transformers has brought revolutionary progress. Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Electrical Engineering Research Fellow and Degree Assessment Board, Gu Guobiao, Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that this is the real voltage transformer secondary circuit pressure drop wireless test instrument is an innovative product to fill this technology at home and abroad blank. The long-term users of the device, Wang Meng, a professor-level senior engineer at the Institute of Electric Measurement, China Electric Power Research Institute introduced the measurement speed, high accuracy, greatly improving the safety of field measurement, with high promotion and application value. Zhou Heliang, honorary chairman of China Electrotechnical Society, Cao Rui, a director of the Electrical Engineering Bureau of the former Ministry of Machinery Industry and a honorary chairman of the China Electrotechnical Society, believes that Cao Rui, as a technologist with considerable accomplishments in the field of electrical measurement technology and instruments, succeeded in transforming industrial achievements into a great social and Economic benefits. It is reported that China Electric Power Research Institute has the device as the only field of wireless pressure drop measurement products. At present its users all over the country more than 20 provinces and cities, leading the market share, the application prospects are very broad.